How to Add HiHello Contacts to Your iPhone

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to add your HiHello contacts to your iPhone’s address book.

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When you exchange digital business cards with someone—or someone sends you their contact information via HiHello—that contact is added to your Self-Healing Address Book. While HiHello serves as a personal contact manager, we understand that moving away from your phone’s address book app can take some time. 

If this rings true to you, you can add all of your HiHello contacts directly into your phone’s native address book. So, no matter which address book, mail, or messaging app you use, your HiHello contacts are always there for you.

 If you want to add the contacts in your HiHello address book to your iPhone’s address book, follow these steps:

1. Go to your HiHello Settings and tap Sync contacts

HiHello Settings tap Sync contacts

2. Tap Contacts on this device

HiHello app tap contacts on this device

3. Tap Begin Setup

HiHello iOS app tap begin setup

4. Tap Allow, then Close

HiHello iOS app download configuration profile

5. In your phone’s Settings, tap Profile Downloaded

HiHello iOS app profile downoaded in iPhone Settings

6. Follow the instructions to install the profile

Install profile instructions on iOS

7. Tap Done

HiHello iOS app tap done

8. Your contacts may take a few minutes to appear

HiHello iOS app contacts on iPhone address book

You can also add your HiHello contacts to your computer—or any other device—by adding HiHello’s HiHello’s CardDAV service.

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This article was modified and originally appeared on the HiHello blog on October 8, 2019.

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