How To Add an Email Signature to Apple Mail Desktop

Follow this guide to learn how to add an email signature to the Apple Mail app on your computer.

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Make the most of every email you send when you include a professional email signature. Link your HiHello digital business card so everyone who receives your emails can view your digital business card. 

You can create an email signature in seconds with the HiHello email signature generator, and you can even choose from multiple email signature designs. Keep reading to learn how you can impress your contacts with a HiHello email signature. 

How do I create an email signature in Mac Mail?

If you’re a Mac user, including a high-quality email signature in Apple Mail is easy. Start by selecting the card you want to turn into an email signature, choose a design, and follow the steps below. 

1. Open the Email Signature page on the HiHello web app, click Apple Mail Mac and click Generate Signature.

HiHello Email Signature Generator

2. Click copy.

HiHello Email Signature Generator

3. Open Apple Mail and click Settings from the menu bar.

Apple Mail menu bar

4. Click Signatures, select an account, and select the plus sign to create a new signature.

Apple Mail email signature settings

5. Create a name for the Signature and paste your email signature into the text box, and de-select “Always match my default message font.”

Adding an email signature to Apple Mail

6. Compose an email and select your email signature from the selection box.

Inserting an email signature in Mac Mail

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t my email signature on the list of signatures?

If you are unable to select your email signature from the list of signatures when composing an email, your signature may not be associated with the correct account. Open your email signature settings and ensure the email signature is associated with the email you are using.

Please note if the signature was created under All Signatures, you will be unable to select it when composing an email. 

Why isn’t my email signature showing up?

If you have selected your email signature, but it is not visible, this is likely due to Apple Mail settings. 

First, ensure that you have de-selected the checkbox for “Always match my default message font.” If the problem persists, open Mail settings and click Composing, and ensure the Message format is Rich Text. 

How do I remove “Created with” from the bottom of my signature?

With a premium HiHello account, you can remove our branding from your email signature. Visit our Pricing page for more information.

If I change my business card, will my email signature automatically update?

Yes! Apple Mail email signatures will automatically update as changes are made to your digital business card. 

One of my emails ended up in a spam folder, what should I do?

There is no way to prevent your messages from going to spam definitively, but understanding the sorts of things that commonly affect your score can help you minimize the chances. Learn more about why emails end up in spam folders and how you can avoid this in our blog post, Why Is My Email Going to Spam? 7 Tips To Lower Your Spam Score.

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