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Instantly transcribe and sync paper business cards to your CRM with an AI-powered business card scanner.

HiHello AI powered business card scannerHiHello business card scannerHiHello business card scanner

Capture leads in seconds

Exchanging business cards is about making a connection and generating leads. With HiHello’s AI-powered business card scanner, you can scan and transcribe paper cards in seconds, instantly adding your new leads to your business contact manager and your CRM.

A paper business card getting scanned into a phone.
HiHello business card scanner turning a paper business card into a digital contact.

Powered by AI, verified by humans

Built on multiple AI models, HiHello’s business card scanner captures information in seconds. If our AI is unable to provide an absolutely perfect transcription, then a real-life human comes in and completes a final verification because there’s no room for error when it comes to your contacts.

Card scanning software for teams

Simplify lead capture for teams of any size with unlimited business card scans. Empower everyone at your company to generate leads with a simple card-scanning tool. With each scan, contact information is automatically transcribed and sent to your contact manager or linked CRM, so your team can focus on making connections, not manually entering phone numbers and email addresses.

Example of HiHello's free Self-Healing Address Book and contact manager. Contacts are organized into groups.

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