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What is the Works with HiHello program?

Works with HiHello (W2Hi) is a certification program for near-field communication (NFC) and radio-in frequency device (RFID) products. Certified products can use the W2Hi certification badge on any product packaging, product detail page on any online store, and the product itself.

The W2Hi badge assures customers that your products are verified to work with HiHello’s digital business card platform, which can increase traffic and sales.

Works with HiHello certification benefits

Certified brands will receive a badge to place on product packaging, store pages, and the product itself. Certified brands also become eligible to be included on the HiHello website, increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to your product.

Works with HiHello certification badge

How to become certified

Your product must satisfy the eligibility requirements outlined in the Works with HiHello Program Guidelines. Once you’ve verified your NFC or RFID business card is compatible with HiHello, you can submit your product for certification review in the form below. Once reviewed and approved, you'll receive an email notifying you if your product meets the eligibility requirements for the W2Hi program and if you have the approval to use the W2Hi badge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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