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Create, customize, and share digital business cards with HiHello, the most trusted digital branding platform.
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What is a digital business card?

A digital business card app is the modern way to exchange contact information. Also known as virtual and electronic business cards, digital business cards are highly customizable, interactive, simple to share, and cost-effective alternatives to physical cards.
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Go beyond networking with digital business cards

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Spend smarter

Between material, design, and shipping costs, going digital can save as much as 50%.

Boost ROI

Increase lead generation, drive direct traffic, and optimize with robust analytics. 

Be earth-friendly

Decrease your carbon footprint with a business card that doesn’t require the consumption of physical materials.

Built for everyone

From individuals to enterprise-level companies, HiHello is a powerful tool with industry-leading support and success that makes every step of the way simple.
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Customize your virtual business card to match your brand

Business cards should include more than basic contact information. HiHello offers the most customizable free digital business cards, so you can create cards that fit you and your brand.


Design basic contact information with rich personalization options.


Create a consistent and compelling brand experience designed to engage and convert contacts across every channel.
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Fix your branding with eye-catching designs

Share your business card with anyone, anywhere

Designed to be shared. HiHello offers over ten ways to share your cards, making receiving information in return simple so you can focus on growing your network.

Share with:

No app required to receive
Save directly to contacts
Get their details in return
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An impact you can see
Unlock functionality that is only possible with digital cards. Generate more opportunities, lower business card costs, reduce your environmental impact, and more with HiHello.


Track the power of your digital card with comprehensive analytics.
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Reduce your environmental footprint with a paperless contact exchange. Every HiHello card shared has helped save:




lbs of waste


Gallons of water


lbs of carbon emissions

Generate leads

Generate more opportunities with a business card that drives direct traffic, leads to increased follow-ups, impressions, and more.

Digital cards for your entire team

Built for teams of all sizes, HiHello’s platform helps your team turn every customer touchpoint into a branded, interactive, measurable opportunity.
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Expand and adapt to your entire team with simple administrative controls built for teams of any size.


One app, thousands of connections. Integrate HiHello with your tech stack, including SSO, Active Directory, and CRMs.


Maintain control over every card, all in one place, with dynamic templates.


HiHello is SOC 2 Type II compliant and GDPR-ready, so you can trust that your data is secure.
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Complete your brand kit with a virtual background and email signature
Bring your branding together across every interaction with HiHello’s complete digital brand toolkit. Your digital business cards work together with HiHello’s virtual backgrounds and email signatures to help your company manage your branding and digital identity across every interaction for your entire team. 
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