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NFC Business Cards

With HiHello, you can turn your digital business card into a free NFC card in seconds—all you need is an NFC tag.

HiHello NFC Business Cards

What is an NFC business card?

Near-field communication (NFC) business cards enable you to share your contact information with a single tap. NFC business cards have two components: a digital business card and an NFC tag.

NFC tag on iPhone

NFC tags come in several forms, like stickers, pop sockets, keychains, and physical cards. They contain tiny microchips, and when tapped to another smartphone, the information paired with your tag (like the link to your business card) automatically appears.

HiHello digital business card

How do HiHello’s NFC business cards work?

HiHello is a mobile-first business card app that provides free support for NFC business cards—all you need is an NFC tag. Once you have an NFC tag, you can write your digital business card to it, allowing you to share your card with anyone with a single tap.

Why doesn’t HiHello sell NFC products?

HiHello does not supply or sell NFC tags, unlike several NFC-only business card providers. We do this for a reason—at HiHello, we don’t believe in charging customers an inflated price for something available at a minimal cost on third-party sites like Amazon and Etsy.

NFC tag, NFC keychain, and NFC business card

How do I make NFC business cards?

Ready to make your own free NFC business card? Download the HiHello app on the App Store or Google Play, create a digital business card, and write your card to an NFC tag.

How to make NFC business cards

How to share your HiHello NFC business card

Place the NFC tag on your phone.

Once you’ve paired your digital business card with your NFC tag, you can begin sharing. If you use a tag like a sticker or pop socket, place it on your phone. If you use any other accessories, make sure you have them on hand.

Tap your NFC tag to a smartphone.

When you want to share your NFC business card, take your phone (or another NFC accessory) and tap it on the other person’s smartphone. Your HiHello business card will instantly appear on their screen.

tag providers

NFC tag providers that work with HiHello

HiHello should be compatible with almost all NTAG215 NFC tags, but here are a few sellers we recommend based on their reviews:

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