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Professional branded digital visiting card Three digital business cards, including one virtual card with a video.

What is HiHello Professional?

HiHello Professional is a premium digital business card plan for individuals. With more customization options than in the Free plan, HiHello Professional includes features like custom colors, personalized URLs, and branded QR codes. Subscribe for a month or for the year—it’s up to you.

Custom branding

Custom colors on digital visiting card

Custom colors

While the free app offers ten beautiful colors to choose from, with HiHello Professional you can customize your card with any color on the rainbow. With the ability to choose an overall color of your card, the color of the icons, and more, you can completely tailor your digital business cards to best fit your brand.

Personalized card link and URL for electronic business card with HiHello Professional subscription

Personalized Link

Links look best when they’re neat and tidy. Appear even more professional by personalizing your URL to include your name or company.

Branded QR code HiHello Professional paid plan

Branded QR code

Using a QR code is one of the primary ways to share your business card on HiHello. Include your logo in the center of your QR code so whenever you share your card, your new connection instantly knows your brand.

Create unlimited virtual business cards with the paid HiHello Professional plan for individuals

Create more business cards

We get it—some people need more than four digital business cards because of all the different hats they wear. With HiHello Professional you can create up to 16 business cards. Create a contact card for work, one for networking, one for your family, one to give to your kids’ friends’ parents, and more.

Additional business card designs

Choose from a selection of stunning business card designs. Make your card match your brand's style with minimalistic designs, sharp edges, and more.

Business card design templates available with HiHello Professional

Better contact organization

Add notes to contacts in your HiHello Professional CRM

Add notes to contacts

HiHello’s address book is your personal CRM. Add time-stamped notes to your contacts, so you remember where you left off.

HiHello free virtual backgrounds for Zoom that link to your digital business card.

Organize your contacts with tags

Adding tags to contacts is a great way to organize your connections into various groups. You can search through your address book using tags, and tagged contacts will appear in different groups.

Organize your business card contacts with tags in your address book and CRM
Integrate with Google Contacts and other CRMS with a paid HiHello Professional subscription

CRM integration

Keep your contacts unified across all CRM platforms with automatic syncing. When you add a new contact to your HiHello address book or a different CRM, we’ll automatically sync each contact list, so they’re always up to date. HiHello Professional currently integrates with Google Contacts, Outlook, and Zapier.

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