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HiHello is the best digital business card platform with enterprise-grade security.

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The most secure business card platform.

HiHello is SOC 2 Type II compliant and uses enterprise-grade best practices to protect customer data. We work with independent experts to verify our security, privacy, and compliance controls and use Drata to continuously monitor all internal security controls across the organization, ensuring continual compliance.

We hold our team and software development to the highest standards for trust and security. We continuously track and monitor over 120 controls, and all employees complete an annual security training platform to understand best practices when handling sensitive information. We also conduct yearly network and application layer penetration tests so that our customers feel confident that their data is secure.

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How else can I trust that my data is secure?

Secure Software Development

We follow industry best practices in our software development lifecycle. We begin with system need determination and system requirements definition, and then we design, build, test, and deploy. Merges to our main branches require peer review by engineers knowledgeable in security best practices, and we perform automated testing on each merge. We track identified security vulnerabilities to resolution per their severity. We test releases in a separate staging environment before deploying them to production.

Data Encryption

All customer data is encrypted in transit and at rest using strong encryption standards.


We only work with reputable and trusted vendors. Every vendor undergoes a review and approval by a member of management. Visit our List of Subprocessors for more information.

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We believe in transparency and have a live security report available for potential and existing customers. You can request access to the report below.

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