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Transform your meeting backdrop into a polished, professional display for your contact information. 
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Turn every virtual meeting into an opportunity
Showcase a polished display of your contact information for every Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet call. HiHello transforms your business card into a professional custom virtual background to make an impression that lasts beyond each video call.
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Create a branded virtual background
Customize a virtual background that perfectly captures your branding with logos, company information, colors, and more. 
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Choose your background
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Choose from different images or upload your own
After choosing your image, simply download your background and upload it into your virtual meeting.
Virtual backgrounds for the entire company 
Guarantee brand consistency with corporate video backdrops designed to create a clean and professional branding opportunity in every meeting. Create virtual backgrounds with custom admin controls that scale across your entire organization.
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Virtual background for enterprise teams
Trusted by brands across the globe
Complete your brand kit with a digital business card and email signature 
Bring your entire brand together across every interaction with HiHello’s complete product suite. Your virtual backgrounds work together with HiHello’s digital business cards and email signatures to help your company manage your branding and digital identity across every interaction for your entire team. 
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HiHello brand kit with a digital business card, email signature, and virtual background

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