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Business Contact

When you share your digital business card, your new contact’s information will go straight into your smart address book, so you can remember who you meet.

HiHello self-healing address book and contact manager

Free contact manager

HiHello’s self-healing address book is your free personal and professional CRM. Easily keep track of your contacts with a chronological timeline of who you met and when—we’ll even send you a reminder to follow up. 

 A phone showing HiHello's free address book and contact manager.
A male law student's virtual business card, showing that he is a Live Contact.

Live Contacts

When you exchange digital business cards with another HiHello user, you become Live Contacts. This means you’ll always have each other’s latest information in your address books.

HiHello's self-healing address book

How your self-healing address book works

Step one make your card

Make your card

Add a photo, video, phone number, email address, social profiles, and more!
Step two share your card

Share your card

Send the link to your card to anyone, or share using your HiHello code. No app required!
Step three become live contacts

Become Live Contacts

When you exchange cards with another HiHello user, you’ll always have each other’s latest information. 

HiHello Groups

Your contacts are automatically organized into groups based on which digital business card they receive. You can also customize your own groups, so you can easily organize your contacts based on where they fit in your life. 

Different HiHello groups, including personal contacts, work contacts, clients, friends, all contacts, and scanned cards.
A phone screen showing how to organize your contacts in your HiHello's Self-Healing Address Book on the HiHello mobile app.

Customize your address book

While most address books offer only an alphabetical view of your contacts, your Self-Healing Address Book is completely customizable. View your contacts as a list or grid, and organize them chronologically or alphabetically.

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