How to Sync HiHello with Google Contacts on the Web App

Syncing with Google Contacts allows you to easily access all your connections across both platforms. The guide will cover how to sync with Google Contacts on the HiHello web app.

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Syncing to Google Contacts allows you to easily access all of your contacts on HiHello and all of your HiHello contacts on Google Contacts. This means that whenever you receive a digital business card (or become live contacts), that person’s contact information will automatically appear in your Google Contacts. 

To sync Google Contacts with HiHello first ensure that you must have a HiHello Professional, Business, or Enterprise plan, or upgrade through our pricing page. Once you log into the HiHello web app, complete the following steps to set up Google Contact syncing.

How to sync HiHello with Google Contacts

1. Go to Settings, and under General Settings, click Integrations.

Go to Settings, and then the Integrations menu

2. Click Connect next to Google.

Click Connect to connect Google contacts

3. Sign in to your Google account.

Sign into your Google account to link it with HiHello

4. Done! Your contacts will appear in about an hour.

To view your connection and change settings, click Manage.

Click Manage to update any settings with contact syncing with Google

‍Within the Manage Integrations page, you can select syncing options on a card or template level, set new cards to sync contacts automatically, import Google contacts to HiHello, or disconnect sync. 

The contacts associated with the selected cards will appear in your Google Contacts account. To create a two-way sync, select Import Google Contacts to HiHello to populate your Google contact list in your HiHello Smart Address book. 

We also allow for Google Contact syncing on the HiHello iOS app.

Frequently asked questions

How often will my contacts sync?

Contacts will automatically sync every six hours.

Can I add my HiHello contacts to my phone?

Yes, to add your HiHello contacts to your phone's built-in contact app follow the steps in our guides below:

How to Add HiHello Contacts to Your iPhone

How to Add HiHello Contacts to Your Android Phone

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