How To Add an Email Signature to Apple Mail iOS

Follow this guide to learn how to add an email signature to the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad.

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If you have a HiHello digital business card, you have a great email signature that could be at the end of every email you send. And if you don’t have an account yet, you can create a HiHello account for free! 

Once your digital business card is perfected, it’s time to work on your email signature. Using a smart email signature allows you to link to your digital business card and all of its information. You can even choose from multiple designs. If you want to impress your contacts with a professional email signature, keep reading to find out how. 

How do I add an email signature to Apple Mail on iOS?

Whether you are using an iPhone or iPad, you can easily add a custom HiHello email signature to your email accounts. First, start by learning how to create an email signature using HiHello’s email signature generator. Then, follow this tutorial to learn how to add an email signature using the default Apple Mail app. 

1. Open the HiHello App and tap More.

HiHello app More page

2. Tap Email Signatures and tap Okay when the email notification pops up.

HiHello app email signature popup

3. Open the Apple Mail app and open the email and tap the link.

Log in to HiHello email

4. Select the card you want to use and choose a design.

HiHello email signature generator on mobile

5. Tap Apple Mail iPhone/iPad and then tap Generate Signature.

HiHello email signature generator on mobile

6. Tap copy.

HiHello email signature generator on mobile

7. Open your device settings and swipe down until you see the Mail icon.

iPhone settings menu

8. Swipe down and select Signature.

iPhone Mail settings

9. Select All Accounts or Per Account and paste the signature.

Choosing All Accounts will add the email signature to all email accounts added to Apple Mail. Selecting Per Account allows you to customize the email signature for each email account added to the Mail app.

iPhone Mail Signature settings

10. Open the Mail app, create a new email, and your email signature will automatically be added to the email.

Apple mail New Message with HiHello email signature

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