How To Create a Custom Virtual Background

Learn how to create your own custom, professional virtual background for free with HiHello.

Virtual meetings are a staple of business, and how we present ourselves in those meetings is just as important as an in-person meeting, but the right presentation looks a bit different. Whether you’re attending a virtual conference, conducting an interview, or chatting with co-workers about a project, your background speaks volumes about you.

Unfortunately, occasionally, our backgrounds say things about us we wish they wouldn’t. Whether you’re working from a coffee shop, didn’t get a chance to clean up that day, or have pets or kids running around, sometimes a virtual background is necessary. 

Virtual backdrops are a powerful tool that allows you to not only hide a messy background but also showcase your brand, set a tone of professionalism, and share your contact information for a lasting impression. The best virtual backgrounds include a logo, your name, title, and company, and a way to save your contact information and follow up later. 

Create a professional virtual background

Creating the perfect virtual background takes a little more work than downloading a pretty picture from Google Images, but thankfully, it’s simple with a virtual background generator. We recommend using the HiHello virtual background generator to create your professional virtual background for free. Keep reading to learn how you can create a virtual background for free in 6 simple steps using HiHello.

How to create a virtual background.

1. Login to the HiHello website.

Login to the HiHello web app

Don’t have an account yet? That’s ok, you can make one for free

2. Click backgrounds.

Click Backgrounds from the menu on the left

3. Select a digital business card.

Choose a digital business card to link to your virtual background to

4. Select a background image or upload your own.*

Choose a virtual background image or upload a custom one

5. Download your personalized HiHello background.

Click download to download your custom virtual background

6. Add your HiHello background to your virtual meeting platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the information on my virtual background?
The information on your virtual background is generated from the content on your digital business card. Information like your logo, name, preferred name, title, company, and pronouns will mirror the information you have entered on your digital business card. To change how it appears on your virtual background, you will need to adjust the content of your digital business card. 

view the information on your virtual background

Why is my virtual background reversed?

If your virtual background appears reversed when you’re in a meeting, don’t worry; many virtual meeting platforms will show your background reversed to you, but everyone else in your meeting will show it correctly to other meeting participants.

If your virtual background appears reversed, it will only appear that way to you

How can I remove the HiHello logo from the QR code in my virtual background?

Want to showcase your own logo in the QR code on your virtual background? With a HiHello Professional plan, you can customize your QR code with your own logo in card settings.

How do I use my virtual background with my virtual meeting platform?

Most meeting and livestreaming platforms allow you to upload your own virtual background from the video settings. If you’re not sure how to use a virtual background with your virtual meeting platform, you can find help in these guides: 

How to change your Zoom virtual background

How to use a virtual background in Google Meet

How to add a custom background in Microsoft Teams

* If you’re using an image from Google Image Search, please be careful to respect any image copyrights. HiHello does not take any responsibility for user uploaded images.

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