How To Create a Digital Business Card Template

Quickly and efficiently create digital business cards for your entire team or company with a template.

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HiHello Business and HiHello Enterprise administrators have access to powerful card templates. Using a template is the most efficient way for account admins to create digital business cards for their entire organization. You can create an unlimited number of templates, like a specific business card template for your sales team. Or, simply create one template for your entire company.

When creating templates, you have full control over every piece of information that appears on each card while giving your team the power to manage their cards individually. 

Ready to start making and customizing your team’s new digital business cards? Follow these steps to set up a card template.

How to make a business card template

1. Go to the Templates page.

HiHello digital business card template page

2. Click Create New.

HiHello add digital business card template

3. Create a template with the colors, logo, and fields you want to appear on all cards.

HiHello digital business card template builder

4. Set permissions for each item on your template.

Customize the content on the card and set permissions

Each item on the template can be set as required, optional, or prohibited. For required and optional items, you can also select whether your team can edit the item or not. 

To learn more about permissions and how they work, view the full guide in our Help Center

5. Create a name for the template in the Template tab, then click Save. 

Create a name for the template then save it

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create cards from a template?

Once your template is complete, click Invite to start creating cards for your team. To learn more about issuing cards, view the full guide in our Help Center.

What happens to cards when I update a template?

When you make changes to a template, any cards created with that template will automatically be updated when the changes are saved. 

What happens if I delete a card template?

It’s OK to delete any card templates that you no longer use. All cards created with that template will remain intact. If you want to delete any cards associated with a removed template, you’ll need to delete each card individually.

Have more questions or need help creating templates? Find answers and get in touch with our support team in our Help Center

This article has been updated and was originally published on May 20, 2022.

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