HiHello & Bluegrass Biker News: How Digital Business Cards Increase Customer Contact

Revving for good. How Bluegrass Biker News uses HiHello digital business cards to revolutionize networking!

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In the heart of Kentucky, Bluegrass Biker News isn't just revving up engines; they're revolutionizing how they connect with their community and clients. Through their innovative use of HiHello digital business cards, they're accelerating their networking game and making a meaningful impact on their business and beyond. Established in 1999, Bluegrass Biker News is a motorsports and music event promotion business. They increase attendance for charitable events in Western Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and beyond. 

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Community Impact

Over the last seven years, their contributions have made a significant impact, with over $1 million donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the USMC Reserves Toys for Tots program, Christmas Wish, Susan G. Komen, the American Cancer Society, the March of Dimes, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the United Way, and many more. 

The state of Kentucky has recognized the commitment to charitable giving by awarding both founders, husband and wife Jimmy and Jane, Governor-Appointed “Kentucky Colonels,” the highest civilian appointment awarded in the state for philanthropy.

Jumping into the 21st century 

Choosing digital business cards has been an important change for Jimmy Rhoades and Bluegrass Biker News. Gone are the days of lost business cards and cumbersome flyers. With HiHello, Jimmy has been able to “show clients that you are adapting and evolving.”

Digital business cards have created a single customer touchpoint for Bluegrass Biker News with every piece of information new connections need to know, all in one easily saveable place.

“You are showing clients that you are adapting and evolving.” 

Bluegrass Biker News uses its digital business cards in advertisements, as a contact point for its office, and to promote its event website. Their cards have become a centerpiece during events, with a QR code on display so anyone can access their card. 

With digital cards, Jimmy has taken networking one step further for Bluegrass Biker News by creating different cards for each section of the business so he can represent the right event or seminar at exactly the right moment.

“HiHello has brought our media service into the 21st century, streamlining connections at shows, concerts, and events.” 

Increasing client engagement

Since integrating HiHello into its business strategy, Bluegrass Biker News has significantly increased client and customer engagement. “The simplicity of sharing contact information and event details right on your smart device is awesome!” With everything they need to know right at their fingertips, attendees are more likely to connect and follow up after the event, leading to fruitful partnerships and collaborations. 

Attendees aren’t just a little more likely to follow up with digital business cards; Bluegrass Biker News has seen a “25-30% increase in client and customer contact” after implementing them. 

“After the first season of events, we have noticed a 25-30% increase in client/customer contact.” 

Bluegrass Biker News isn't just riding the wave of change; they're leading the pack with HiHello digital business cards. By embracing technology and innovation, they're elevating their networking efforts and making a lasting impact on their community and beyond. So, next time you're at one of their events, remember to scan the QR code and connect with them digitally. The future of networking is here, and Bluegrass Biker News is driving full speed ahead.

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