How To Scan Paper Business Cards

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to scan paper business cards into digital contacts.

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So, someone gives you a paper business card—what now? Maybe the card gets lost at the bottom of your bag or finds residency in your junk drawer for the next six months.

There’s a better way to keep track of business cards, and it’s by using a business card scanner app. Business card scanners—like the one offered by HiHello—enable you to scan paper business cards with your phone and convert them into digital contacts. HiHello uses multiple AI models and backup human verification, making it the fastest, most accurate scanner on the market.

How do I use HiHello’s business card scanner?

Anyone with a HiHello account can use the business card scanning feature. (Don’t have HiHello? Get the free app!) After downloading HiHello, pull out that paper business card and complete the following steps to scan it with your phone. Once scanned, the business cards will end up in your HiHello contacts.

1. Open your HiHello app and navigate to the Scan tab.

Open the HiHello app and tap scan

2. Tap scan.

Tap scan to transcribe a paper business card

3. Take a picture of the business card.

scan your paper business card

4. Tap Submit for Review.

Tap Submit for review to transcribe your card

How many business cards can I scan each month?

While anyone with the HiHello app can use the business card scanning feature, some accounts have monthly scanning limits.

Number of card scans per plan. Free: 5, Professional: 20, Professional  Card Scanning: Unlimited, Business: Unlimited, Enterprise: Unlimited.

Depending on how many business cards you receive, consider upgrading to a HiHello Professional (20 scans/month) or a HiHello Professional + Card Scanning (unlimited scans) plan. If you want to upgrade your account, you can do so on HiHello’s pricing page.

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