How to Sync HiHello with Google Contacts on iOS

Learn how to sync HiHello with Google Contacts so you can easily access all your connections across both platforms.

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Syncing to Google Contacts allows you to easily access all of your contacts on HiHello, and all of your HiHello contacts on Google Contacts. This means that whenever you receive a digital business card from someone, their contact information will automatically appear in your Google Contacts. 

Complete the following steps to set up Google Contact syncing on the HiHello iOS app:

1. Open the HiHello iPhone app

Open up the HiHello: Digital Business Cards and Contact Manager app and log in.
Open the HiHello app on your iPhone and log in.

2. Go to Settings and tap “Sync contacts”

Go to HiHello Settings and tap "Sync contacts"
Go to Settings and under "Contacts" tap "Sync contacts"

3. Under “Google Contacts” tap “Add Account”

In your HiHello Settings you can add a Google account to sync your contacts with.
Tap "Add Account"

4. Tap “Sync” then Continue”

Sync HiHello with Google contacts and give HiHello permission to sign in to Google.
Begin the sync and give HiHello permission to sign in to Google.

5. Choose an account and tap “Allow.”

Choose which Google account you want to sync with HiHello.

6. Choose one or more contact groups.

Choose which digital business card contact group you want to sync with Google Contacts.
Your HiHello contacts are grouped by the cards you send to people. For example, anyone who you’ve shared your “Work” card with will be in your “Work Group.”

7. Done! Your contacts will appear in about an hour.

You have successfully synced your digital business card contact groups with Google Contacts!
You have successfully synced HiHello with Google Contacts!

We also allow for Google Contact syncing on our web app.

Frequently asked questions

How often will my contacts sync?

With a HiHello Professional, Business, or Enterprise plan contacts will sync every six hours. For free users contacts will sync every 24 hours.

Can I add my HiHello contacts to my phone?

Yes, to add your HiHello contacts to your phone's built-in contact app follow the steps in our guides below:

How to Add HiHello Contacts to Your iPhone

How to Add HiHello Contacts to Your Android Phone

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