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HiHello QR codes can now be saved and used anywhere. Include your QR code on any marketing materials, your pitch deck, and even on your paper business cards.

HiHello QR codes can now be saved and used anywhere.

Business cards are everywhere. You see them in venture capital offices, doctor’s offices, lawyers offices, in small businesses, and pretty much everywhere you go. With how technology is evolving, it’s become a common practice to simply take a picture of someone’s business card and save it for later use.

At HiHello we believe exchanging contact information should be simple and painless. With HiHello’s digital business cards, you can share your information with anyone, even if they don’t have the HiHello app. One way to share your business card is through your unique QR code. When someone points their phone’s camera at your QR code, they’ll instantly have all your contact information from whichever card you gave them.

We recently made an exciting change to HiHello: QR codes no longer expire.

Initially — for security purposes — we expired every QR code after a few uses. However, we soon received some interesting feedback: one of our users printed their HiHello QR code on paper business cards, but as soon as the code expired the cards were outdated. This got us thinking about the major potential of having non-expiring QR codes, so we made the change.

Having a non-expiring QR code with all of your (or your company’s) information can vastly broaden your network. You can include your QR code on your marketing materials in your pitch deck, in your book, on a billboard, or even on your printed business cards (!). Whenever someone sees your QR code and points their camera towards it, they’ll see whatever information you want them to see. People who scan your QR code can also send you their contact information, this way you can actually know who is interested in your services and can follow up with them.

I recently gave a talk at an event. To avoid the swarm of people coming up to me after the talk to exchange business cards, I simply put my HiHello QR code on the last slide of my presentation. Within five minutes I connected with 26 people (talk about efficient networking!) and most importantly, I’d given them just the information I wanted them to have.

Dr. Manu Kumar's business card.

Here is my new business card. The card has my picture, logo, and other identifying information on the front, and simply a HiHello QR code on the back. Try it out: point your phone’s camera at the code, or if you’re on your phone just tap the code to open the link to my card. You should now have all of my information at your fingertips.

If you’re ready to create your own digital business cards and begin sharing your QR code, download the HiHello app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you have an account, save your QR code by simply tapping your code, and save it to your phone. This high-resolution image is ready to be shared however you choose to share it, and will never expire.

Sharing a HiHello QR code.
Tapping the QR code bring up the menu to save the QR code image (Android pictured)

What do you have in mind for your QR codes? Let us know, or tweet at us (@HiHello).

Happy connecting!

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