How to Customize Digital Business Cards

So you have a digital business card, what now? Learn how to customize your virtual card in this step-by-step guide.

A key difference between digital and paper business cards is the level of customization. While the amount of information you can add to paper cards is finite, digital cards are limitless when it comes to including rich information and customizing your card.

HiHello is the leading digital business card app that allows people to create, customize, and share digital business cards at no cost. If you want an even higher level of personalization you can sign up for one of their premium plans at as low as a few dollars a month. With any HiHello plan (free or premium) you can add as much information to your card as you like, including your basic contact information, pronouns, social media fields, link YouTube videos, payment and chat apps, logos, badges, and more. (Still unsure about taking your business cards online? Check out this guide to digital business cards!)

Once you’ve downloaded the HiHello app and created your first digital business card, follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to personalize your virtual card.

How to customize your digital business card

1. Tap your card, tap the three-bar menu, and tap Edit.

Tap the digital card you want to customize and tap Edit.

2. Begin filling out your card.

Customize the information on your digital card.

3. Tap Display to customize the look of your card.

Tap display to customize the look of your digital business card

4. Tap Fields to add more information to your card.

All custom field options available with HiHello.

5. Tap Preview and then tap Save when done.

To view your changes before saving, tap Preview, then Tap Save to confirm changes.

Preview your changes then tap Save

Another great thing about virtual business cards is that they can be edited at any time. If any of your information changes—or you simply want to customize your card even more—repeat the steps above to make edits to your card.

Want to access more customization options for your digital business card? Upgrade to HiHello Professional.

This article includes modifications and was originally published on October 8, 2019.

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