How to Prove Vaccination Status on Your Phone

California, Louisiana, and New York residents who received a COVID-19 vaccine can now access their digital vaccine record and save it to their phone with the HiHello mobile app.

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Please note HiHello no longer offers functionality for this feature

Counties in California, Louisiana, and New York are starting to require proof of vaccination to enjoy indoor establishments, like restaurants, bars, and gyms. This means that individuals need a way to save their COVID-19 vaccine record to their phones, and businesses need a way to scan vaccine QR codes.

With HiHello—a free mobile app that allows you to make, save, and share digital business cards—you can now easily add your vaccine QR code to your phone and save it for future use. 

Why should I save my COVID-19 vaccine record to HiHello?

HiHello is your one-stop-shop for all your digital identities. With the HiHello app, you can make a digital business card for every aspect of your life, like a networking card, a personal card, a business card for your side hustle, and more. Not only does HiHello keep your network organized, but it also keeps all your connections in one place.

When you save your COVID-19 vaccine record to HiHello, it’s easily accessible and ready to be shared. There are multiple ways to share your digital vaccine card using HiHello, including the mobile app itself, a Home Screen widget, and even using an Apple Watch.

How do I get my digital vaccine record?

If you’ve received the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccine and live in California, New York, or Louisiana, you can get digital proof of vaccination in the form of a QR code. Each state has a different website for its residents to go to and download their vaccination QR codes. Here’s where you can find yours:

How do I save my digital COVID-19 vaccine record to my phone?

Once you have your digital vaccine QR code, you can save it to your phone using the mobile HiHello app. Once you download the HiHello app on either iOS or Android, follow these steps to add your digital vaccine card to HiHello:

1) Scan your QR code with your HiHello in-app scanner.

Scan your QR code with your HiHello in-app scanner

2) Your vaccine information should appear. If it’s correct, tap Save.

Verify your vaccine information is correct in the HiHello mobile app.

If any of your vaccine information is inaccurate or missing, please contact the appropriate government agency.

3) Enter your name and tap Save.

Enter your name and save your vaccine card to your HiHello mobile app.

4) Your digital vaccine record is now saved to your phone and can be easily shared on HiHello.

HiHello digital COVID-19 vaccine record

How do I share my proof of vaccination with a business?

Now that your vaccine QR code resides in HiHello, you can easily share it with anyone who requests proof of vaccination. Please note that in order for the scan to go through, the person or business scanning your vaccine QR code must use the HiHello in-app scanner to scan your card. There are a few ways to share your vaccine QR code:

1) Open the HiHello app and double-tap your vaccine card.

Share digital COVID-19 vaccination record.

This will pull up the main Share screen.

2) Add your vaccine QR code as a widget on your phone.

Digital COVID-19 vaccine record widget on iPhone.

You can learn how to add widgets to your phone in this blog post.

3) Pull up your vaccine QR code with your Apple Watch.

Digital COVID-19 vaccine record widget on an Apple Watch.

Learn how to add your vaccine QR code to your Apple Watch in this blog post.

If you are a business owner and want to use HiHello to scan and verify COVID-19 vaccination records, you can download the HiHello app for free or sign up for a premium account and set up your entire team with digital business cards.

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