The 5 Ways HiHello Digital Business Cards Work for Your Rebrand in 2024

Simplify your rebranding process with HiHello digital business cards.

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Branding can make or break a company. As your company grows, the brand that was designed years ago may not fit where your company is now or where it plans to go. A strong brand is essential, but rebranding to create the perfect identity for your company is a complex process. 

If your organization has decided to take steps to rebrand or is undergoing a merger or acquisition, every branding decision is critical. From high costs, extended rollouts, and the possibility of a failed branding initiative, it is essential to plan your rebrand carefully and ensure that you have the right tools to complete the project. One tool that can assist with rebranding is HiHello, the leading digital business card for enterprises. With its centralized business card, email signature, and virtual background platform, HiHello can help keep costs down, accelerate your brand rollout, and help your company successfully rebrand.

How HiHello helps keep rebranding costs down

The average rebranding can cost 10 to 20 percent of your marketing budget. From a basic refresh, your company could spend as little as $90,000 for a partial rebrand to well over $350,000 for a complete overhaul. While most of the costs associated with a rebrand are unavoidable, some of those expenses can be significantly reduced. 

When undergoing a rebrand, a marketing department typically needs to re-create and re-order business cards for the entire company—a laborious (and costly) endeavor. HiHello’s digital business cards not only streamline card creation and distribution, but they also can keep rebranding costs down while increasing your card’s return on investment.

To learn how much businesses could save by doing digital, HiHello analyzed five major printed business card suppliers: Zazzle, Moo, Vistaprint, GotPrint, and Staples. Several costs are associated with printing business cards, including hiring a business card designer, shipping, and re-ordering cards to correct typos or update information. In this analysis, HiHello found that an average 500-person company can spend a minimum of over $32,000 per year on business cards alone. Depending on your organization’s size, going digital can save your brand thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars yearly while reaping the additional branding tools that come along with HiHello’s enterprise package.

The cost of business cards during a rebrand

Why use HiHello for your rebranding?

HiHello helps organizations create, manage, and distribute digital business cards, but it’s about more than just business cards. With HiHello Business or HiHello Enterprise, you can empower your organization to champion the brand by providing them with easily accessible digital tools. 

1. HiHello can accelerate the rebranding process

A brand rollout is easier said than done. There is a significant amount of content to update, from brand messaging to a new visual identity. This isn’t a quick process. 

Accelerating the process is simple with HiHello. HiHello offers powerful user management integrations, such as direct integrations with Microsoft Entra ID (previously known as Azure Active Directory), Google Workspace, and Okta, and offers third-party integrations through Zapier. Because everything is done in HiHello’s online platform, you can quickly create and distribute digital business cards with all of your new messaging and visuals for your entire team.

Any changes that need to be made along the way are simple. Updating cards takes a matter of seconds, so if you need to update your logo, marketing video, or social handles across all your cards, all you need to do is update your card template. 

Accelerate rebranding with digital business cards

2. Digital business cards add increased value to your business

Business cards have long been a method of boosting brand awareness and building connections. But as the Rolodex fell out of fashion, traditional paper business cards no longer carried the same value they once did. 

Between rising paper costs, growing environmental concerns, and fewer in-person opportunities to swap paper cards, the value of paper business cards is dropping, and many companies are choosing to forgo them altogether. 

HiHello found that digital business cards have an increased ROI over their paper counterparts. When your team uses digital business cards, on average, they will see more follow-ups, hand out more business cards, send traffic directly to your company website, and gain more contact information in return. 

3. You can directly integrate new marketing materials with digital cards

You’ll likely spend hundreds of hours updating your marketing materials with your new brand—don’t let them sit in a cloud folder untouched. With HiHello, you can directly integrate your rebranding into your card. Showcase your updated logo, mission statement, website, video content, PDFs, one-pagers, links to slide decks, and more, all on a business card.

Unlike a paper business card, the amount of information you can add to a digital business card is unlimited, so you can include everything there is to know about your business. 

Integrate new marketing materials into business cards during a rebrand


4.  HiHello can help your organization with sustainability initiatives

You may be changing your company mission statement or core values during your rebranding process. If sustainability initiatives find their way into your organization’s priorities, HiHello is here to help your brand reach those goals faster. 

Traditional paper business cards lead to millions of trees being cut down each year, only for 88% of those business cards to get thrown away within a week of being exchanged. With each digital business card shared in the past year, HiHello users have kept 38,700 pounds of business cards out of the trash, 39,000 pounds of carbon emissions from being released, 260,000 gallons of water, and 650 trees saved. 


With HiHello, your company can see the difference you are making with each card shared. Contact our sales team to learn more about the impact your business could have by going digital. 

5. HiHello can help reinforce brand recognition

People don’t like change, and Ensuring your audience receives the rebrand well is essential to retaining current customers. 

Your brand likely has already established strong communication channels, and It is always best to focus there first. However, it is important to note a few communication mediums that are often overlooked but offer more significant returns. 

Whether you realize it or not, your employees are your biggest marketing tool. From sales teams reaching out to current and potential customers to everyone else on your team and all the people they interact with, your company has a built-in campaign team for your rollout. 

AnyoneThe key to creating a strong grassroots campaign is outfitting your team with everything they need to share what your new brand is all about. That means whether they are chatting with someone in-person, over the phone, on a video conference, or through email or text, they should have a way to promote your new branding. 

HiHello is the key to key to creating a grassroots rebrand campaign. Create a digital business card that shows exactly what your new brand identity is about. Your whole team can access and share this business card anywhere, anytime, with anyone. 

With easy sharing in-person using QR codes, text, email, Apple Wallet, Apple Watch, or from a distance using virtual backgrounds and email signatures, your team will always have everything they need to promote your new brand. Anyone they share it with will be able to view and save your company card without ever creating an account or downloading an app. 

How to use HiHello for your corporate rebrand

Getting started with HiHello is quick and easy. HiHello offers both Business and Enterprise plans to create cards for your whole team, whether you have five employees or hundreds of thousands. 

1. Create a card for your rebranding 

Create a digital business card just to show off your rebrand. This card can be both internal and external. Share what’s new and where to find more information. Give everyone in your organization access to share this card, so they can spread the word with everyone they meet. 

Create a custom card for your new brand

2. Distribute cards to your whole team 

All HiHello Enterprise customers will have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will guide them through account setup. During this call, you will learn how to create and distribute digital business cards that align with your new brand. This a much more cost-effective and convenient way to create business cards for your entire team that are more likely to be shared. On average, HiHello users will share their business cards 60 times a month. That’s over 700 cards yearly compared to less than 500 for paper business cards. 

3. Equip your team with virtual backgrounds

The in-person meeting might be making a come-back, but virtual meetings are still king. With more than 50% of people preferring virtual meetings, your team needs a way to share your brand and facilitate seamless contact exchange virtually. 

Enter HiHello virtual backgrounds. Your team can create virtual backgrounds with company branding that links directly to any of their HiHello digital business cards. So they can share their contact information or your company rebrand card. 

With corporate virtual backgrounds, you’ll also be able to customize exactly how your teams' virtual backgrounds look, so they match your company branding perfectly.


Create custom virtual backgrounds that match your new brand

4. Set up branded email signatures 

Email has been one of the top communication tools for years, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. As one of the preferred methods of communication for many companies, it is essential that your team represents your brand identity in every email. HiHello makes this simple with email signatures that link directly to your digital business card. 

With multiple designs to choose from, your team’s email signatures can match your rebrand and catch the eye of recipients. This leads to more connections and more traffic for your business. 

5. See the effectiveness of your digital cards

Every business decision relies on data. Yet companies continue to pay for ineffective paper business cards that can’t be tracked. 

With HiHello, you can see how your business cards benefit your organization. HiHello offers powerful in-app analytics, as well as an integration with Google Tag Manager. 

With HiHello’s enhanced analytics, you can track your card’s return on investment (ROI), and lead generation metrics, such as performance, engagement, and activity on every card from an individual or team level. Uncover deeper insights with data tools that allow you to aggregate, compare, and export card and template data through customized data views with filters, date ranges, and multiple visualization options. 

How do I get started with HiHello?

HiHello Business and Enterprise support businesses of all sizes. Please contact our sales team if you are interested in learning more about HiHello Business or HiHello Enterprise. 

As you embark on your rebranding journey in 2024, leverage these innovative features from HiHello to make a lasting impact on your audience and streamline the communication of your refreshed brand identity.

This blog has been updated and originally appeared on December 16, 2022.

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