How To Invite Users To Share or Edit a Card

Learn how to invite your team to their digital business cards with HiHello!

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Once your HiHello Business or HiHello Enterprise account has been set up, and you’ve created templates and digital business cards for your team it’s time to invite your team to get started! 

There are a few ways to get set up with HiHello that can affect how you choose to invite users. If you’re using Entra ID or templates to distribute cards to your team in bulk, we recommend reaching out to our Customer Success team for onboarding or visiting our Help Center to access our Onboarding Center

If you’re looking to create a few unique cards or want to manually create cards for a smaller team, individually inviting your team to a card is the best way to give them the ability to share or edit a card. 

Ready to start inviting your team to share their digital business cards? Follow the steps to get started. 

How to invite users to share or edit their digital  business card

1. On the cards page, select the card to which you would like to invite a user.

From the HiHello Cards page for your company select a card

2. Click Invite.

Click the invite button to add a user to the card

3. Confirm the contact information and click Send Invite.

Enter the information for a user and click Send Invite

For the best experience, we recommend inviting via email. To adjust whether the user you are inviting should be allowed to edit the details on the card or not, use the Allow Editing toggle. 

Need more help or want to learn more about using HiHello? Head to our Help Center

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