How To Manage Users with Entra ID

HiHello Business and Enterprise customers can now simplify user management by connecting HiHello to their Entra ID. Follow this guide to learn how to connect HiHello to Entra ID.

HiHello Enterprise and HiHello Business customers can now simplify user management by connecting HiHello to Microsoft Entra ID (Previously Azure Active Directory). Connecting to Entra ID enables organizations to deploy HiHello to their teams at scale. 

Upon connecting to Entra ID, your organization’s users can log in to HiHello using Microsoft Single Sign-On (SSO). After signing in, your team will immediately have access to their digital business cards

Before you can connect your HiHello account to Entra ID, you must:

Once your HiHello account is created and you have a template for each group, you can connect your account with Entra ID.

How does Entra ID work with HiHello? 

HiHello’s native integration with Microsoft Entra ID enables administrators to create and distribute digital business cards efficiently across teams of all sizes. After Entra ID is connected to HiHello, groups are assigned to HiHello templates to create individualized cards, and HiHello will provision an account for each user in the selected groups. 

When users log in using Microsoft SSO, they will have instant access to their account and new digital business card. 

The integration also makes it simple to remove users from your HiHello account. When you remove an employee from a group in your directory, it will also remove the user from your company’s HiHello account, and their cards will automatically be paused until an administrator chooses to delete or archive the card so you can ensure no contacts or cards are lost when employees leave. 

How do I connect Entra ID to HiHello?

To begin using  HiHello with Microsoft Entra ID is simple. Your Customer Success Manager will assist you through the entire process to connect Entra ID with HiHello. To get in touch with your Customer Success Specialist you can send an email to or contact us directly through the app by using the Contact Support option. 

How to roll out your cards to your team with Entra ID

Your team can immediately access their digital business cards after you connect your HiHello Enterprise or HiHello Business account to Entra ID—all they need to do is log in to the HiHello website with their Microsoft SSO credentials. Here is an email template you can use to notify your team:

Subject: Your digital business card is ready!

Hello [Name],

To reduce paper waste, [Company] has switched to HiHello’s digital business cards. To access your card, go to the HiHello website and use your Microsoft SSO credentials to log in. 

We also recommend downloading HiHello’s mobile app. You can use the mobile app to share your card using a QR code, email, text message, link, and more.


[Your Name]

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