How to Manually Add Contacts to Your Smart Address Book

This guide will cover how to manually add contacts to your self-healing address book on HiHello’s web and mobile apps.

Many people prefer to keep their work contacts separate from their personal contacts. (Work-life balance, am I right?) With HiHello, you can organize your contacts based on their fit into your life. You won’t accidentally text the Tim you met at a work conference last month instead of asking him if your dog has done her business. 

There are several ways to add contacts to your HiHello smart address book, including sending and receiving digital business cards and syncing with your phone’s native address book or other customer relationship management (CRM) tool. You can also manually input a contact into your HiHello address book.

Manually adding contacts is simple and is similar to adding a contact in your phone’s address book. You can manually add a contact to both the web and mobile apps and can always access your contacts across all platforms. Read on to learn how to add a contact manually—and then organize or group that contact—on HiHello’s web and mobile apps.

How to add a contact on the web app

1. Log in to your HiHello account, navigate to your contacts, and click the plus (+) icon. 

HiHello web app contacts page

2. Fill out your new contact’s information and click Save.

HiHello web app create and save new contact

That’s it—adding a contact to your HiHello address book on the web app is that simple! Once you save your contact, you can find your contact in your HiHello address book.

You can always edit an existing contact later if any information has changed. With HiHello Professional, you can also add notes and tags to contacts. I try to add a personal touch, such as the name of someone’s pet or their favorite snack—anything they may have casually mentioned in the conversation that may be helpful to maintain that special connection later. 

HiHello web app add notes and tags to contacts

In this case, I tagged Jack as part of the skeleton crew so that when I add more skeleton crew members to my contacts, I can easily find them all in a simple search. I also created a new note that mentioned Jack’s dog’s name, so the next time I speak to Jack, I can remember to ask him how Zero is doing.  (Don’t worry—no one other than yourself can see your tags or notes!)

If you want to put your new contact in a group, you can choose which card you want your contact to be associated with by clicking “Change contact type.”

HiHello web app change contact type

How to add a contact on your HiHello mobile app

1. Open the HiHello mobile app and go to your contacts.

HiHello mobile app contacts

2. Tap the plus (+) icon in the top-right. 

HiHello mobile app tap plus icon

3. Enter your contact’s information and tap Save.

HiHello mobile app enter new contact and save

4. HiHello Professional only: Add any tags or notes by tapping on the respective areas on the card. 

HiHello mobile app add notes and tags

As with the web app, you can choose which card you want your contact associated with by tapping “Change contact type.”

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