How To Use a Virtual Background With Skype

Joining a Skype call? Learn how to create and use a virtual background in Skype with these four steps.

While Zoom may have popularized the use of virtual backgrounds, platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and even Skype work with virtual backgrounds too. Whether you're looking to add a touch of professionalism to your video meetings or simply want to hide that pile of laundry in the background, virtual backgrounds on Skype can help you achieve just that. In this blog post, we'll explore how to harness the power of virtual backgrounds on Skype to enhance your video conferencing experience.

Does Skype support virtual backgrounds?

The short answer is yes! Whether you're conducting an important business meeting or attending a virtual happy hour, virtual backgrounds on Skype can elevate your online presence and provide a layer of privacy to your personal space when using the desktop app for Windows or Mac. Skype does not support custom virtual backgrounds when using the web app. 

How do I create a virtual background for Skype?

To create a custom virtual background for Skype, we recommend HiHello’s free virtual background generator. Log into HiHello, or create an account on the web and click Backgrounds. Then, select the digital business card you would like to link to your background and choose a design. Now, you can download your personalized virtual background for Skype. 

How to use a virtual background with Skype

1. During a call or before joining, click Audio & Video Settings.

Click Audio & Video settings

2. Select the square with three dots.

Select the three-dot menu

3. Click the plus to upload your own background.

Click to upload and select your custom background

4. Join calls with your new background.

Join calls with your background

Your background may appear reversed to you. However, it will not be reversed to the others in your call. 

Your virtual background may appear revered to you, but it won't to others

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