Product Update: Introducing Automated Email Signatures

Automatically distribute professional and consistent email signatures for everyone in your organization with HiHello’s Google Workspace and Microsoft Outlook integration.

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Email has been integral to business communication for decades, and email use isn’t slowing down. The average professional sends 40 emails daily, which is only expected to rise in the coming years. However, not every email is a marketing-delivered message. Whether it’s communicating with a vendor, selling a future prospect, or even an internal announcement, everyone at your company uses email to do their job. 

examples of bad email signatures

Unfortunately, many companies still supply their employees with a drab, uninspiring email signature that, at best, includes a logo and maybe one clickable link. Not only do these email signatures do the exact opposite of their intention—personalization, brand consistency, and confidence-building—but they are also difficult to introduce at scale across the company. Having your entire organization copy and paste a text-based email signature into each employee’s email settings is a recipe for confusion, user error, outdated messaging, and inconsistency.

The email signature opportunity

Every business should prioritize ensuring the emails from your team drive engagement, convey brand identity, and inspire confidence in your customers. That is the opportunity of an email signature platform. According to Statista, 67% of marketers say that email signatures help generate leads, 77% say email signatures positively impact email engagement, and 78% say that having a consistent branded signature across all emails is important. 

Automatically insert interactive email signatures for your entire team

HiHello’s email signatures do just that and more. Today, the HiHello team is delighted to announce our new automated email signature integration with Google Workspace and Microsoft Outlook. This new feature makes it easier than ever for companies to create, distribute, and send beautiful, interactive, and branded email signatures in every email. 

With automated email signatures, HiHello Business and HiHello Enterprise customers that use Google Workspace or Microsoft Outlook as their company email provider can: 

Automatically insert email signatures

Text-based email signatures have to be carefully rolled out across the company, usually relying on copying and pasting text, formatting options, links, and logos while running manual quality assurance to ensure everything looks good. With HiHello’s Google Workspace and Microsoft Outlook integrations, you can instantly insert email signatures into your team’s email so they don’t have to do anything. Your users can simply keep sending emails as they already do, and HiHello will automatically insert the email signatures into their emails once they have been assigned.  It’s simple to set up, easy to launch, and your team never has to lift a finger. 

Create a branded email experience

With HiHello’s email signature generator, companies can design powerful email signatures that build trust and credibility. Simply select the colors you want from your brand palette and see how they look across our five different email signature designs. HiHello customers can create unlimited signatures at the individual, team, or company level, so your team can present a compelling signature that maximizes the impact of every email. 

Beautiful branded business cards that fit your company

Interactive digital business cards in every email 

With HiHello’s email signatures, you’re not just including a beautiful-looking design in your email correspondence. You are actually including an interactive digital business card at the bottom of every email signature with all its relevant information and capabilities. This means that in every email signature—in addition to contact information—your team can share a link to schedule a meeting, sign up for an event, download your latest ebook, or watch a product demo video. HiHello is truly taking the email signature to a whole new level. 

See the impact with analytics

How many people interact with your text-based email signature? What in the email is compelling to them, and what should be changed? Sales, marketing, success, and HR cannot answer these questions with old-fashioned email signatures. With HiHello, you don’t need to assume your email signatures are working. You can see for yourself with our rich analytics. Our comprehensive analytics tracks clicks and saves of the digital business cards so you can measure effectiveness and optimize for better results moving forward. 

Make instant updates anytime 

One of the most frustrating things about old email signatures is updating them, which can happen quite a bit. Whether you’re rebranding, have an upcoming event, want to change designs, or need to fix a typo, updating email signatures for your team can be a big undertaking. HiHello email signatures allow you to make changes in one place and then push those changes out to one person, a department, or an entire company with the click of a button. Once an update is made from the HiHello web app, any email signatures that are changed will automatically be updated and pushed to your employees, so your team’s email signatures always include the most accurate and relevant information.

Instantly update email signatures for your entire team

Customized for each team in your company

Email is not just for marketing. Sales, customer success, human resources, and recruiting each rely on 1:1 personal emails to prospects, customers, and job candidates. HiHello allows you to create unique email signatures for each team at your company that showcase the most relevant information for that team. With the built-in email signature manager, you can design signatures for each team,  manage signatures with bulk actions, or even manage at the individual team member level for a fine-tuned experience. Customize every detail down to the signature content and design to maximize impact. 

HiHello's automated email signature integration with Google Workspace and Microsoft Outlook is your solution to elevating your business communication to a whole new level. Say goodbye to mundane email signatures and embrace a future where your email signatures resonate with your brand and captivate your recipients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up the Google Workspace or Microsoft Outlook integration with HiHello? 

To learn how to link HiHello with Google Workspace or Microsoft Outlook, visit find our automated email signature resources in the HiHello Help Center

Can my team customize their email signatures?

HiHello’s email signatures are generated from the information on a digital business card. If you want your team to be able to customize the content of their email signature, you can grant them edit access to their digital business card. 

Want to learn more about content controls and creating cards for your team? Visit the Help Center to find helpful guides. 

Can I choose not to add a signature for some team members?

Yes, when you link HiHello with Google Workspace or Microsoft Outlook, you have complete control of every email signature, including removing them for a user. 

Will these signatures work from a mobile phone?

Unfortunately, Google and Microsoft Outlook presently do not allow for the insertion of email signatures on mobile devices, and they do not support using web signatures on mobile devices. As and when Google and Microsoft Outlook make this possible, HiHello will add support for mobile devices as well. For now, your email signatures will work with Gmail or Microsoft Outlook on the web.

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