Product Update: Introducing Powerful New Templates

HiHello’s robust new templates are now available for all HiHello Business and Enterprise customers.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

With decades of collective experience working with leading enterprises, HiHello deeply understands the requirements that organizations have for creating and managing digital business cards, email signatures, and virtual backgrounds at scale.

Today, HiHello is thrilled to announce the launch of our new template experience! Our templates offer the most powerful tool on the market to create, distribute, and update business cards for thousands of users instantly.

With this new experience, HiHello Business and HiHello Enterprise accounts can:

  • Create and design beautiful cards and push out live updates immediately to all cards
  • Create different templates for different departments and/or use cases
  • Set granular field-level permissions for users to control customization
  • Manage branding at a template level
  • Easily provision and customize cards created from external directory sources, such as Microsoft Entra ID (previously Azure Active Directory) and Okta

Before officially launching templates, the HiHello team worked with a select group of early-access customers for their input and feedback. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and brands immediately saw an increased return on investment (ROI) upon using HiHello’s templates. A current HiHello Enterprise customer and  Fortune 500 company undergoing a rebrand commented that the new templates experience has been a game-changer, allowing them to seamlessly update thousands of cards to match their new brand guidelines.

How does this completely redesigned template experience benefit your business? Read on to learn more!

See the new template experience

How do I benefit from the new template experience?

We are proud to say that HiHello is the most powerful and robust digital business card platform on the market. As a HiHello Business or HiHello Enterprise customer, you can now create cards faster than ever, manage user permissions at a micro level, better integrate with external directories, and so much more! Let’s dive in.

1. You can now create business cards faster than ever and push live updates instantly.

Design and distribute the perfect business cards for your entire organization faster than ever before, all while maintaining complete control over every card. When you create a template, you’ll see a more unified experience that gives you control over what matters most to your brand. 

Now, for the magical part: live updates. Yes, you heard us right—whenever you change a template, every card associated with that template will automatically update. We are proud to say that HiHello is the only digital business card platform that offers this unique and powerful feature.

2. You can create and manage different templates by team or department.

When it comes to business cards, one size doesn’t fit all—different groups have different use cases. With HiHello, you can structure your templates by team, department, region, and more. Include links to book meetings and make a purchase on cards for your Sales team. Give your Marketing team cards that showcase their collateral with videos, PDFs, and more. Ensure your HR team has links to direct everyone they meet to available job opportunities and contact details. 

With HiHello, you can create unlimited templates that suit your organization’s needs.

Create and manage templates for every department

3. You can set granular field-level user permissions.

HiHello has more admin controls than ever before. Our field-level permissions give admins the power to choose and control the content of every card while giving your team the freedom to manage their personal details. 

How does this work? Administrators can choose what fields (for example, title, department, headline, LinkedIn profile, etc.) to include on each card. Each field can be marked as optional, required, or prohibited, and whether or not employees can make edits. Once your employees gain access to their cards, they can personalize their cards within the limits you set, striking a balance between card management and a unified brand for all cards. 

Create dynamic templates for your company

4. You can manage branding at a template level.

Corporate branding is critical to the digital business card experience, as business cards are often a first impression of your company.

You can now set brand requirements at a template level, whether it’s the QR code, messaging, colors, logos, links, or more. The updated design interface offers highly customizable branding opportunities that you can lock down so you know every card is high quality and aligns with your brand. 

5. You can flexibly provision and customize cards created from external directory sources.

HiHello’s integrations, in combination with templates, allow you to create and distribute cards to everyone on your team and manage any updates or changes to your team right as they happen without any extra work. 

HiHello offers seamless integrations with external directories such as Entra ID (previously Azure Active Directory) and Okta. 

Flexibly provision cards with integrations

See the new experience for yourself.

All new and existing HiHello Business and HiHello Enterprise customers can now access the new templates experience. Please note that no existing cards or templates have changed—you completely control your account. 

If you are interested in using the new templates, you can learn more about setting them up in our Help Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create and edit templates in the mobile app?

The company profile where templates are managed is currently only available on the web app. 

Can I choose which users on my team can edit their cards? 

You can choose exactly how much power each team member can have when editing their cards with dynamic field permissions at the template level. For example, if you would like users to be able to add their own profile photo, you can make that editable on your template. Everyone who has a card linked to that template will be able to edit their own profile picture.

Have more questions about the new template update? Find answers in our Help Center, or reach out to our support team for help. 

Who has access to the new templates?

All HiHello Business and HiHello Enterprise customers can now access the new template experience. 

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