Your Employees Use HiHello: 10 Reasons You Need a Team Plan

Your employees are using HiHello with individual accounts. Learn how a plan for teams is an essential upgrade.

Networking is an essential skill for today’s professionals, and with over one million users, odds are, some of your employees are using HiHello as they make new connections. With digital business cards, virtual backgrounds, email signatures, and more, HiHello makes growing and managing your network easier than ever.

The benefits of HiHello aren’t just for individuals. Businesses of all sizes use HiHello to create, manage, and distribute digital business cards to their entire organizations. With HiHello Business and HiHello Enterprise plans, you can elevate your corporate brand identity with dynamic features and powerful integrations.

Business card plans for teams

If your employees are using HiHello individual plans, you’re missing out on these key benefits: 

1. Control your brand identity across every interaction: in-person, on Zoom, over email, and more 

Your company branding should be reflected in every interaction your team has. In-person, online, in virtual meetings, through email, and more. With HiHello, your team can present a unified brand with digital business cards, virtual backgrounds, and email signatures. Maintaining your brand identity across each touchpoint enhances professionalism, memorability, and ensures consistency across visual elements and messaging and can lead to increased conversions. 

2. Manage brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are important to any marketer. With HiHello Business or Enterprise, you set brand guidelines, ensuring every card fits your branding. Control color schemes, logos, and more to ensure your brand is represented correctly across every interaction. 

3. Create cards in bulk 

With HiHello’s templates, you can streamline the card creation process, whether you’re making five cards or 5,000. Build custom templates for your entire company, individual teams, events, and more to create and distribute business cards in a fraction of the time. 

HiHello’s in-depth template experience allows you to: 

  • Create and design beautiful cards and push out live updates immediately to all cards
  • Create different templates for different departments and/or use cases
  • Set granular field-level permissions for users to control customization
  • Manage branding at a template level
  • Easily provision and customize cards created from external directory sources

4. Push updates instantly 

Going through a rebrand, changing email domains, refreshing a logo—these items should be instantly updated on all of your employees' business cards. If your team uses paper cards, this can take days, if not weeks, to update, and if they’re using individual HiHello accounts, they may never make these changes. With a HiHello plan for teams, you can update your team’s cards in seconds, so they’ll always be sharing the most current information. 

Manage instant updates to your team's digital business cardss

5. Onboard and offboard simply 

When a new employee joins your team, simplify the business card process with HiHello. You can easily add new employees to your plan and create cards for them in minutes.

Offboarding is just as simple with HiHello. When an employee leaves your company, you can ensure they no longer have access to their cards and contacts so you can maintain data security and protect your brand.

Automate card provisioning and de-provisioning when you integrate HiHello with your corporate identity provider. HiHello works with Microsoft Entra ID, Google Workspace, Okta, Workday, and more to create digital business cards, email signatures, and virtual backgrounds automatically and remove access as employees leave your company. 

6. Control content

Digital business cards offer unlimited room for information but, left unmanaged, can lead to business card content that you may want to avoid being associated with your brand. Individual HiHello plans mean your employees create and manage their own cards without any oversight. With HiHello’s plans for teams, you gain complete control over every card and the content that appears on it, so you can ensure your employees are presenting a unified and professional image of your brand. 

Control brand content for every card your brand shares

7. Capture and manage leads

Every time someone shares a digital business card, people are seven times more likely to follow up with their contact information than if they received a traditional paper business card. That means 7X more leads for your business, all easily organized with HiHello’s contact manager and sent directly to your integrated CRM. 

With HiHello’s contact syncing integrations, you can automatically push your contacts to your CRM (like Salesforce and Hubspot), Marketing automation tools (like Marketo and Mailchimp), or an address book (like Microsoft Outlook and Google Contacts) so your team can seamlessly bring new contacts into whatever workflow your team already uses. 

8. Track analytics 

One major pitfall of paper business cards and cards managed by individuals is that you can’t see their impact. With a HiHello Business or Enterprise plan, you can view in-depth analytics for every card shared by your team. Gain valuable insight into metrics like card views, saves, contacts created, and more, allowing you to measure your return on investment and cost savings (But more on that later!). 

9. Boost ROI & cut costs 

If your employees are already choosing to create and use digital business cards on their own, they have likely already found the benefit of digital business cards to outweigh the cost, but it’s up to you to determine whether that stands true for an entire company. 

With built-in analytics, you can gain deep insight into how your digital business cards are performing, but what kind of return on investment (ROI) can you expect? When sharing a HiHello card, 21% of recipients turn into direct traffic for your business, and connections are seven times more likely to follow up. Learn more about the ROI of HiHello digital business cards in our ROI deep dive

Boost business card ROI

Increasing leads isn’t the only benefit of going digital. They also allow businesses to save up to 50% compared to paper business card spending. See the complete cost comparison in this cost analysis

10. Create a positive environmental impact 

Digital business cards don’t only benefit your business. They also help reduce the environmental impact of sharing business cards compared to their paper alternatives. Tree destruction, water consumption, excessive waste, and carbon emissions are all products of the paper business card industry that digital business cards avoid. Learn about the full environmental benefits digital business cards can create in our sustainability report.

The environmental impact of business cards

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Frequently asked questions

What plans does HiHello offer for teams?

HiHello has two distinct plans for teams: HiHello Business and HiHello Enterprise. From small teams of five to Fortune 500 companies, HiHello’s plans were designed to offer the right tools for businesses of all sizes. Learn more about the features and benefits of each plan on our pricing page

How much are HiHello’s Business and Enterprise plans?

Pricing for HiHello Business starts at $5 per user per month and scales depending on team size and plan. To learn more about our pricing, visit the pricing page or get in touch with our sales team by completing the form below. 

What is included in HiHello Business and Enterprise plans?

From powerful templates to powerful integrations, automated email signatures, and more, each plan is designed thoughtfully to fit the needs of your team. Find a complete list of features for each plan on our pricing page

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