Works with HiHello Program Guidelines

Your product must follow these guidelines to be eligible for the Works with HiHello certification.

We hold all near-field communication (NFC) and radio frequency identification (RFID) products associated with HiHello to a high standard. To be eligible for the Works with HiHello (W2Hi) program, NFC and RFID business card sellers and manufacturers must meet the guidelines below. Meeting these requirements does not ensure your brand is certified or can use the WWH badge—you must first fill out a certification request form and receive badge approval. Brands who receive certification must comply with these program guidelines and HiHello’s Trademark Usage and Branding Guidelines, which may change without notice.

  1. All products must be certified through the WWH program to be eligible to receive a WWH badge. Meeting these guidelines does not mean you will receive certification—you must fill out a certification request form. Once the form is submitted, we will contact you within 10 business days if your product meets the requirements for certification.
  2. Receiving Works with HiHello certification for one of your NFC or RFID products does not guarantee that your other products will be certified or receive approval to use the badge. Please submit a form for each certification request.
  3. You may not sell a pre-loaded HiHello account on your product. Products must be sold without a HiHello card already written to them for security and privacy concerns. If you sell a product with a pre-made HiHello account, you violate HiHello’s copyright and Terms of Service.
  4. HiHello may update these guidelines to introduce new requirements. We expect you to comply with these guidelines to maintain authorization to use the WWH badge. We may ask you to re-certify your product if HiHello’s Write to NFC feature changes.

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