Are QR Code Business Cards Safe?

Should you scan that QR code? Learn about the safety of QR code business cards and whether or not you should make one.

Sharing information via QR codes is simple and quick, but is your security at risk when you swap your business card via a QR code? The safety of QR codes has become a concern for many people as QR codes are popping up everywhere, from restaurants to business cards. This article will discuss the safety of QR codes and whether or not you should create your own QR code business card.

Can you trust QR codes? 

Not all QR codes are trustworthy, but you don’t need to avoid QR codes altogether. There are ways to protect your privacy and still use QR codes. 

The risk associated with scanning a QR code comes from the destination of the QR code rather than the code itself. This means scanning a QR code from a trustworthy source likely won’t contain any harmful information. 

Are QR codes safe to scan

Are QR code business cards safe? 

Because a QR code's safety depends on the source, you can ensure that your business card’s QR code is completely safe by creating your card with a trustworthy platform. 

We recommend HiHello—the leading business card app for individuals and businesses. With HiHello, you can create a free digital business card all while knowing you and your new connections are safe. HiHello takes your data seriously, so you can ensure that your data is yours and that your QR code is safe for others to scan.

Secure QR code business card

Exchanging contact information via QR code is actually more secure than swapping paper business cards. When you hand out a paper business card, it likely has all of your contact information, even if you don’t want to share all of that information with every person you meet. Those cards can also make it into the hands of others very easily, even if you don’t want them to. 

You can create multiple cards when you share a digital business card, so you’re only sharing the information you want. Keep phone numbers and email addresses private, or share your personal contact information. The choice is yours. 

How do QR code business cards work?

QR code business cards can come in multiple forms. For people who aren’t ready to leave paper in the past, you might see business cards with QR codes printed on them. Sometimes these will link to a webpage or social media account. Printing a QR code onto a piece of paper isn’t creating a smooth contact exchange experience. 

How do QR code business cards work?

The best way to create a QR code business card doesn’t involve any paper at all. After all, paper business cards are dead. To make the best QR code business card is a digital business card. 

HiHello’s digital business cards are free, completely customizable, and you can share your card with anyone, even if they don’t have the app. 

Once you sign up on iOS, Android, or the web, you’ll be able to create and personalize your virtual business card and immediately start sharing with your QR code. HiHello makes sharing even easier with home screen widgets, virtual backgrounds, email signatures, an Apple Watch app, and an Apple Wallet integration. So your QR code goes wherever you go. 

How to share a QR code business card

Once someone scans your QR code, they’ll be able to view your digital business card and save it to their device or text or email it to themselves to save it for later. And they’ll even be able to follow up with their contact information which automatically gets added to your smart address book. So you can make connecting easy. 

Want to make a QR code business card? Get started with HiHello. 

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