The Best Link in Bio Tool: How to Add Your Business Card to Instagram

Adding a link in Instagram bios doesn’t have to mean selecting one link. With HiHello, you can include multiple links in your profile for free.

The term “link in bio” has become a staple of Instagram captions. Instagram only allows a single clickable link for each account. So, making the most out of that single link is essential. 

Taking advantage of link in bio tools allows you to use a single link to send viewers to a landing page for multiple links, bypassing Instagram’s one link rule. To maximize the power of your one link, keep reading to learn how these link in bio tools work, which one you should use, and how you can put a link in your bio. 

How do link in bio tools work?

Most link in bio tools work by using a single link that sends users to a web page that can include as many links as you want. Unfortunately, many of these tools require you to purchase a subscription. 

What is the best link in bio tool for Instagram in 2022?

While there are many options out there like Linktree and Link.Bio, our favorite link in bio tool is HiHello. Most other link tools show a list of unattractive rectangles, whereas HiHello allows you to select multiple designs and colors. You can even upload images and logos to create an attractive landing page. When you use HiHello as a link in bio tool, you make a digital business card that can include your branding, social media profiles, videos, and much more. That card allows you to add a unique link in your Instagram bio that directs viewers to whatever content you choose. Not only does HiHello allow more versatility than other link in bio tools, but it’s also completely free, although you can always upgrade to a digital business card subscription for premium features like a customizable link, and custom colors. 

How to put a link in Instagram bio?

Putting a HiHello link in your bio is easy. Follow the steps below to include multiple links in your Instagram bio, no matter what kind of Instagram account you have. Before you begin, create a free HiHello account and design a card with all of the links you would like to include. Then copy the link to your card and add it to your Instagram bio.

1. Double-tap your card, then tap the three-dot menu.

Three dot menu on QR code share screen

2. Tap Copy Link.

Tap Copy Link

3. Open Instagram to your profile and tap Edit Profile.

Instagram edit profile

4. Tap Website and paste the link to your card.

Instagram edit link in bio

5. Tap Done.

Instagram save to update the link in bio

Main photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

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