Say Hello to HiHello Groups: Part One

HiHello Groups allows you to easily access people based on where they fit in your life.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The first phone directory was printed in 1878, and since then all address books have been organized the same way: alphabetically. It’s 2020—why are we still viewing contacts the same way people did almost a century and a half ago?

When it comes to contact management, most people have traded in printed directories for smartphones. Unlike the white pages, your smartphone’s address book is more than just a list of names—it’s a collection of people from your various social and professional circles. The only caveat is that there’s no visual representation of who’s in which circle.

Until now.

It was time for a change, so we made one. Say hello to HiHello Groups!

HiHello screen on iPhone showing contact groups
Left: Your contacts are now organized intro groups. Right: View of your contacts within a group.

Don’t worry — you can still view your contacts as one comprehensive list — but now your contacts are also organized into groups. If someone has your work digital business card, they’ll automatically be placed in your work group. If you gave a family member your personal card, they’ll be in your personal group. HiHello Groups allows you to easily access people based on where they fit in your life.

HiHello screen on iPhone showing a personal contact group
Example of a personal group — everyone who receives your personal HiHello card will be included in this group.

In addition to HiHello Groups, you can now view your contacts as a list or grid, and you can organize contacts either chronologically or alphabetically. (Yes, while we think an alphabetical view is outdated, in some cases it makes sense!)

Left: List view of your HiHello contacts. Right: Grid view of your HiHello contacts.
Left: List view of your contacts. Right: Grid view of your contacts.

We hope you enjoy your new address book! We still have a few more exciting changes coming to HiHello Groups, including group customizations, tags, search, and more, so stay tuned!

The latest version of HiHello is available on Android and iOS. If you don’t have HiHello yet, you can download HiHello for free. With HiHello you can create your own free digital business cards, scan paper cards, and have a contact list that never goes out of date.

What do you think? Let us know on Twitter (@HiHello) using the hashtag #HiHelloGroups.

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