HiHello Recap: Digital Business Card Usage & Statistics 2022

From product updates to exponential user growth, HiHello has seen an incredible change this year. See how HiHello users have helped shape HiHello in 2022.

With our team nearly tripling in size, 2022 has been a year of growth at HiHello. That growth has meant more features and products for all of our users. From three new card designs and a new mobile navigation menu to the creation of HiHello Enterprise and the Works With HiHello program, we have seen the product grow, mature, and transform over the past 12 months. HiHello’s digital business cards even received national coverage from news outlets like The Wall Street Journal.

We also witnessed exponential user growth. The increase in users led to more people creating and sharing digital business cards and, best of all, making new connections. As a HiHello user, this year you directly contributed to…

  • 8 million digital business cards shared, saving over 400 trees
  • 1.2 million fields visited, having a direct effect on your card’s return-on-investment (ROI)
  • 302,000 cards updated, saving your business time and money by not having to re-order cards every time there was a typo or information change
  • 2.2 million contacts saved or created, helping you grow your network
  • … and all of this took place across 180+ countries in 107 languages.

HiHello recap, a year in review by the numbers

With HiHello, there is no limit to the number of fields you can add to your cards. You can add infinite information to your digital card, from website pages to social accounts, payment apps, and gaming platforms.

Within the 1.2 million fields opened in 2022, these were the most commonly visited fields: 

1. Phone

2. Website

3. Link

4. Instagram

5. Email 

While HiHello is available in 180+ countries worldwide, a few places tend to use digital business cards more than others. In 2022, these five countries made the biggest move to digital business cards:

1. The United States

2. India

3. United Kingdom

4. Canada 

5. The United Arab Emirates 

Countries switching to digital business cards

One of the most significant benefits of going digital is its environmental effect. Ordering printed business cards directly and negatively impacts the earth, including our trees, water supply, and carbon footprint.

We are excited to announce that by using HiHello, you—our users—have each individually made a significant environmental contribution. In 2022, HiHello users have saved:

  • 415 Trees
  • 166,000 gallons of water
  • 25,000 pounds of carbon, and 
  • 25,000 pounds of waste

the environmental impact of switching to digital business cards in 2022

To everyone who has used HiHello this year, thank you for going digital. We hope you were able to strengthen your relationships and amplify the power of your network with HiHello.

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