HiHello’s New Look: Discover The Updated Way to View Business Cards

HiHello is getting a brand new look, and the first upgrade is here! See what’s new and why it’s so exciting.

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From the start, HiHello has been thoughtfully built to help everyone make new relationships and grow the power of their network. Over the years as more and more cards have been shared each day, we’ve heard your feedback and seen the delight that comes from making a new connection with HiHello, but we also know that there’s always room to improve. 

That’s why we’re kicking off the beginning of some major changes to come to HiHello. For users on the Free Plan all the way to our Enterprise users, this is the first update of many that are designed to make opening the HiHello app just as exciting as unboxing your very first stack of fresh paper business cards. 

Side-by-side of the old and new cards page

What’s new

We’re starting with an overhaul of the two most important pieces of HiHello: how you view your digital business cards, and how you share them. 

The new cards page

The first thing you see when you log in to your HiHello account is the cards page, and now you’ll find a cleaner, more intuitive page that highlights what makes your cards you

  • Each card is now presented so you can see a mini-view of what your new connections will see.
  • Simply swipe side-to-side to access all of your cards.

Side-by-side of the old and new share screen

The new share screen

What’s a business card without sharing it though? That’s why the second part of this redesign kick-off is the new share screen. Here’s what’s new: 

  • Share faster and more intuitively by simply swiping up on your cards to access the updated share screen. 
  • Upgraded accessibility features so users who need high contrast or use screen-readers can share seamlessly. 
  • Hide your number with WhatsApp! Now, in addition to sharing your card via SMS with a hidden phone number, you can also hide your number with WhatsApp. 

Ready to see it for yourself?

Update your mobile app to see all of these new changes! 

Working from your desktop today? Head to the web app to see the new cards page there too. 

What’s coming next?

We can’t give away any secrets, but we promise, there’s plenty more in store for you. Keep an eye out for updates in the app, or get the inside scoop on our social media channels. Want to make sure you’re the first to hear about new features? Be sure to keep an eye out for our quarterly newsletter. 

Don’t receive emails from us? Reach out to us at support@hihello.com for help. 

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