3 Ways to Brand Your Zoom Meetings: From Waiting Room to Post-Attendee URL

Maximize your Zoom meetings with simple yet effective branding strategies that will leave a lasting impression. Learn how to optimize your Zoom waiting room, virtual background, and post-attendee URL to create a professional and memorable experience for your attendees while promoting your brand.

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With an average of 33% of employees’ time spent in meetings, a significant portion of communication, both internal and external, occurs over Zoom for many companies. Your company Zoom room is a touchpoint that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

From your waiting room to the meeting and a post-attendee URL, Zoom offers branding opportunities that your business should be taking advantage of. Make the most of Zoom’s customization options to ensure your attendees has a welcoming experience from the second they join your waiting room. 

How to brand your Zoom waiting room

The Zoom waiting room allows the meeting host to control admitting attendees, but it also has customization options that many companies don’t realize. The waiting room feature offers the ability for any licensed user to customize the meeting title, logo, and description. For members of paid Zoom accounts, the branding opportunities get even better with video waiting rooms. 

Adding your branding to the waiting room is the best way to let your attendees know that they’re in the right place and you’ll let them in shortly. And with video waiting rooms, you also gain an opportunity to keep them entertained and share the most important aspects of your brand.

Perfect your sales demos with a short introduction to the product before they even join the meeting. Use a short introduction to your company prior to onboarding calls. Your Zoom waiting room is the perfect opportunity to introduce your attendees to your brand while they wait to join your call. 

Brand your Zoom waiting room

Make it easy for attendees to connect with you

Networking helps drive business, so make sure your contact information—and brand—are front and center. You can easily accomplish both with a single tool: a virtual background. Utilizing virtual background helps ensure a consistent and professional branding experience while making it simple to share your digital business card.

To get custom virtual backgrounds for yourself or your entire team, try HiHello’s virtual background generator. HiHello’s virtual backgrounds are simple to create and are linked to your digital business card, so you can share your card in every meeting. 

Use virtual backgrounds to share your brand in virtual meetings

How to maximize your post-attendee URL

When an attendee joins your virtual meetings, a window is launched in their default browser. If that window is left open, it automatically redirects to a post-attendee URL, making it the first thing they’ll see once the Zoom call is over. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to customize your post-attendee URL with the perfect landing page to direct attendees to the right place. Since your post-attendee URL is set at the organization or individual level, you want to choose a landing page that can fit every meeting. 

Most website pages offer a good starting point but can’t direct everyone to the right place. Our best tip for maximizing your post-attendee URL is with a digital business card. Your digital business card can be perfectly tailored to include every destination, with customized CTA’s so you can ensure they make it to the right place. 

Brand your zoom meetings with a post-attendee URL

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