How to Claim Your Card on iOS or Android

If your company signed up for HiHello Business or HiHello Enterprise, follow this guide to learn how to claim and access your new digital business card.

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HiHello is the leading digital business card for teams of all sizes. If your company recently signed up for HiHello Business or HiHello Enterprise, you’ll soon receive an email or text message with information on how to claim your card. Once claimed, you’ll be able to share your new digital business card with anyone, even if they don’t have the app.

Follow these steps to get started with HiHello and claim your card on your mobile phone:

How to claim your digital business card

1. Download the HiHello mobile app. 

HiHello mobile app on App Store and Google Play

If you already have the HiHello app, you can stay logged in to your current account.

2. Look for an email or text message from HiHello on your mobile device.

HiHello Business and HiHello Enterprise claim card email and text message

If your HiHello administrator emails your card to you, open the email and tap Claim My Card. If you do not see an email, check your spam folder.

 If your administrator texts you the card, tap the link in the text message.

3. Tap Open.

HiHello App Store interstitial screen

You may or may not see this screen. If you do, tap Open.

If you are already logged into an existing account, your company-issued card will appear in your Cards tab. If it does not, pull down the screen to refresh.

If you do not already have an existing HiHello account, continue to Step 4.

4. Enter your work email address, create a password, and tap Create Account.

HiHello create account screen

5. Your card will appear and is ready to be shared.

HiHello mobile app digital business card screen

You can now access, view, and share your company-issued digital business card.

Learn more about your digital business card

Here are a few guides that will help you get the most out of your HiHello account:

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