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Follow this guide to learn how to customize your digital business cards with custom colors, a personalized card link, a branded QR code, and so much more with HiHello’s professional plan.

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If you’ve recently signed up for HiHello Professional—the premium digital business card plan for individuals—you may be wondering, “What now?”. Whether you’re new to HiHello or recently upgraded to a Professional account, here's everything you need to know about how to get the most out of your plan. 

Don’t have HiHello Professional yet? With expanded customization options like custom colors, personalized URLs, expanded card designs, branded QR codes, analytics, and more, HiHello Professional is your key to a better business card. Ready to get started? Learn more and upgrade your account on our pricing page

How to set up your premium account

You can set up your premium account using the mobile or web app. If you want to set up your premium account on the mobile app, download the HiHello app from the App Store or Google Play. If you prefer using a computer, you can access your account on the web by logging into the HiHello website.

If you’re an existing user and need assistance logging into your account on a computer, make sure you have the latest version of the mobile app, and then go to HiHello Settings → Use the desktop app. You’ll be emailed a link that you can use to log in on your computer.

If you’re new to HiHello and need additional help creating your cards before setting the premium customizations, we recommend reading the blog post, A Guide to Digital Business Cards, before continuing.

How to customize your digital business card with premium features

Make more digital business cards

With your premium account, you unlocked the ability to make more digital business cards. Just hit the plus sign on the cards page to make new cards for all of the hats you wear. From friends to networking connections, play-dates, dogs, and your side hustle, every part of your life can have a business card customized for each interaction.  

How to set custom colors on your business card

With any premium account, you can customize the colors on your digital business cards. Whether using the mobile or web app, select the card you want to customize and select Edit. In Edit mode, select Display; you should see a row of colors to choose from. To set a custom color, select the color wheel and either choose a color, use the color matching tool, or enter specific RGB, HSL, or HEX values.

Here is a breakdown of the different color components:

1. Primary color - The primary color is the main color of your card design and is visible on the design elements like the wave and icons. It also appears on any hashtags or @mentions. 

2. Secondary color - The secondary color is visible on any buttons. For example, the “SAVE CONTACT” button would be in the secondary color.

3. Primary accent - The primary accent is visible on the symbols inside the icons.

4. Secondary accent - The secondary accent is visible on any text inside any buttons. For example, the words “Save Contact” would be in the secondary accent.

Once you set your colors, your card preview will automatically update. On mobile, tap Preview at the top of your screen to see what your card looks like. 

Create custom colors for your business card

How to customize your card design

One of the most exciting features you get with with a HiHello Professional plan is more card designs. You can choose from multiple card designs for your business card, so they perfectly match your brand and style.

‍To change your card design, edit your card on web or mobile, and from the Display tab, select a new design, then save your card. 

How to add profile video to your business cards

Capture the attention of new connections with a profile video or live photo. Show your personality, your new marketing video, product teaser, and more. 

To add a video or live photo, select your card in the mobile or web app, select Edit, then choose Display. Tap or click to add a Photo or video, then select sound and replay settings and tap save. 

How to add badges and more logos to your digital business card

Have more logos to feature on your card? Want to show off accreditations or awards? Use the Badge field to include all of that and more. 

When editing your card, on the Display tab, select Add Badge to upload your custom badges. 

Add multiple logos, certifications, and more to your business card

How to personalize the link to your business card

With HiHello Professional, you can personalize the link to your digital business card. To set a custom link, pick a card and go to Card Settings. If you’re using the web app, you’ll see Card Settings at the top of your screen (it’s the one with the gear icon). If you’re using the mobile app, tap your card and then tap Card Settings from the mobile menu.

Once you’re in Card Settings, select Personalized Link. You can then type in your custom link and then save. 

The link will always begin with the prefix “” but you can customize anything after the “/.” (For example, you could set the link to your card as

Create a custom link for your business card

How to include your logo in your QR code

With HiHello Professional, you can insert a logo into your QR code for optimal branding whenever you share your card. Go to Card Settings, click or tap QR Code, and you can upload your logo as a .jpg or .png. This logo should be square, ideally 332x332, to fit the available space on the QR code.

Adding a logo to your QR code only takes a few seconds. You can access Card Settings in both the web app and on mobile. From there, simply upload your logo.

add your logo to your QR code

How to feature a video on your business card

The top of your card isn’t the only place to showcase videos. Include YouTube, Vimeo, and Brightcove videos right on your card with the feature option. 

When editing your card, add a video using the YouTube, Vimeo, or Brightcove field, then add the video link, and tap the toggle button to feature the video. Your video will appear a the bottom of your card so any viewer can tap play right from your card. 

How to use HiHello’s premium tools

Access business card analytics

HiHello Professional doesn’t stop at premium customization options. It also helps you access more information about your card. With HiHello Professional, you unlock HiHello’s powerful analytics, where you can track the return on investment (ROI) and lead generation metrics, such as performance, engagement, and activity on every card.

Measure how effective your business cards are with analytics

Add notes & tags to contacts

With HiHello Professional, your address book is also upgraded with custom notes and tags. Add notes to your contacts to help remember important information about your connections that might not fit into normal contact fields. Notes are a great way to keep track of important details, and for contact, organization tags help you manage contact grouping. Add custom tags to contacts to group them based on where they fit into your life. 

To add notes or tags, go to your contact and select edit, then add a new note or tag, then select Save. 

Organize contacts with tags, and track important information with notes

Scan more paper business cards

With a premium plan you'll also get an upgraded number of paper business card transcriptions, so you can scan even more cards per month and have them automatically transcribed into your contact manager. Card scanning works the same with the premium plans as the free plan, in the mobile app, simply tap Scan to reach the card scanner and tap scan to take a picture of the card you want to transcribe.

Sync with Microsoft Outlook and Google Contacts

Managing your connections across all platforms is simple with HiHello Professional. Sync your HiHello contacts with Google Contacts and Microsoft Outlook so you can view your most important contacts in the place that works best for you. 

To sync your contacts, in the web app, go to HiHello Settings, and under Sync Contacts, click Add Account, then click Connect for your preferred platform and follow the prompts to connect the account. Once you’ve clicked Accept, select the contacts you’d like to sync. 

Want to learn more about what HiHello Professional has to offer? See our pricing page for a full feature breakdown. If you’re interested in digital business card solutions for your team, contact us to learn more. 

This article includes modifications and was originally published on February 25, 2021.

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