How To Sync HiHello with HubSpot

Syncing with HubSpot allows users to access HiHello contacts on both platforms easily. Follow this guide to learn how to sync your HiHello account with HubSpot.

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HiHello supports syncing with Hubspot for all HiHello Business and HiHello Enterprise customers. This integration allows organizations to add their HiHello contacts to their HubSpot account. (Want to set up your entire team with digital business cards? Visit our Pricing page.)

How do I sync HubSpot with HiHello?

If you have a HiHello Business or Enterprise account, you can sync all of your HiHello contacts (or contacts belonging to specific users) to HubSpot within minutes. After logging into the HiHello web app, complete the following steps within your HiHello Settings.

1. Under Sync Contacts, click Add Account.

HiHello Business sync contacts

2. Click Connect HubSpot

HiHello Business Connect Hubspot

3. Choose your account.

HiHello Business Hubspot choose account

4. Click Connect app.

HiHello Business Hubspot integration

5. Toggle on which contacts you want to sync.

HiHello Business Hubspot contacts

Contacts are associated with specific business cards. Toggle on each employee's contacts if you want to sync your entire organization. You can disable the sync at any time by clicking Stop Sync.

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