Meet HiHello’s Newest Design: The Modern Card

Change up the look and feel of your digital business card with a new design! HiHello now offers four different card designs for all HiHello Professional, HiHello Business, and HiHello Enterprise users.

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HiHello now offers a fourth card design option: meet Modern 👋

With sharp angles and a contemporary feel, the Modern card design is perfect for individuals and brands looking to make a statement. The Modern digital business card design is available on all HiHello Professional, HiHello Business, and HiHello Enterprise accounts.

HiHello Modern card design

How many digital business card designs does HiHello offer?

HiHello now offers four business card designs: Modern, Linear, Sleek, and Wave. All free accounts have access to Wave. If you want to use a different design, you’ll need to upgrade your HiHello account.

Four HiHello digital business card designs

How can I update my card design?

After upgrading to a digital business card subscription, you can update your card design using HiHello’s web app. After saving your card on the web, your new design will appear on your mobile app. 

If you have a HiHello Professional account, follow these steps to change your card’s design:

1. Log on to your account on the web or mobile.

2. Choose a card.

3. Click the pencil icon to edit.

4. Under the Display tab, pick a new style, and click Save.

If you have a HiHello Business or HiHello Enterprise account and want to change your card’s design, we recommend creating a new business card template with the design of your choice.

Why am I not seeing the other design options?

At this time, you can only change your card’s design in HiHello’s web app. You can access your account on the web at any time by logging in through the HiHello website.

While you’ll be able to see all the card design options on the web, you’ll only be able to change your design if you have a HiHello Professional, HiHello Business, or HiHello Enterprise account. 

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