No More Missed Opportunities: Generate Leads With an Interactive Business Card

The best way to make you or your company memorable is with an interactive business card. Learn how to create a business card that captures attention.

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Business cards are an excellent way to direct anyone you meet to your information. From a phone number to a company website, your business card should make it easy for new connections to find the right information and access it easily. 

This is where digital business cards shine. Not only can you include unlimited information (no more 3.5” X 2” constraints ), but you can also create a fully interactive card. Before digital cards, adding a website, phone number, or any other information to your business card required a lot of space and still might only include a simplified version of the information. On top of all that, the person receiving your card still had to go and type the information into their phone. 

Thankfully, there’s a solution. Interactive business cards make it simple to share any information and for the receiver to be directed to the right information with a simple tap. In this article, we’ll show you how to make a more interactive business card. 

What is an interactive business card?

An interactive business card is any business card that allows the viewer to take an action with your business card. Interactive cards include fields that drive direct traffic to your business and boost your business card’s return on investment. Effective interactive fields often include a call to action that directs the viewer to your website, an embedded video, a sign-up or payment link, and more, sending leads right where you want them. 

How do I create a more interactive business card?

With a digital business card, you can include any information—no matter how complex—and the receiver can simply tap the interactive field to access the information. From links, phone numbers, websites, social media profiles, videos, PDFs, and more, the options are endless—and simple! 

Add fields like email, phone, website, address, link, PDF, Twitter, and more

Creating a business card with interactive fields is simple with our favorite digital business cards from HiHello. To get started, create a free account (or upgrade to a Professional plan to unlock more customization options) and start adding interactive fields to your card. With HiHello, any field you add to your card is automatically interactive. Just tap the field you’d like to include (like a website or phone number) and save your card. 

To make the information on your card stand out, try customizing the display text of a field to include a call to action. This is the perfect way to direct the card viewer to the right place. 

If you don’t have a digital business card yet, you can create one for free with HiHello. You can learn more about digital business cards and how to create them with these guides: 

Create a CTA on your business card

What are the most important fields to include on a business card? 

Not all information is created equal, and choosing the right content for your business card could help boost the leads from sharing your card. We always recommend putting your preferred contact methods at the top of your business card. However, there are a few fields that are more likely to be tapped. 

With HiHello when you share a digital business card:

  • Over 30% of card viewers will go to your website.
  • Over 20% of viewers will go to your social media pages.
  • Almost 20% of viewers will call or text the phone number on your card.

The most interactive fields of a digital card

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