Product Updates - August 2020

Learn all about the latest features that were released in August 2020. (P.S. - Read til the end to see a sneak peek of what we're working on next!)

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Going into August we had one goal in mind—to help you take both your business and your digital business cards to the next level. With that in mind, this is what we introduced to the HiHello app this past month:

🤳  Text Your Business Card 

You can now text your card to your clients, customers, or prospects! When you open up your card share screen (double tap the card you want to share, or tap the three dots then “Share”) you’ll see a text option at the bottom.

Text your digital business card to someone directly from within the HiHello app.
You can now text your digital business card directly fromthe HiHello app.

🔎 Logo Search 

Represent your brand! Easily search for and add your company’s logo to your digital business card. Edit your card and tap “Logo” to try out our new logo search tool.

Add your company's logo to your digital business card using HiHello's logo search tool.
Add a logo to your virtual card with our new logo search tool.

🍻 New Virtual Backgrounds 

Pretend you’re at an in-person happy hour (remember those?), on a plane to a tropical vay-cay (we wish!), or on the set of Tiger King. We added a slew of new, 2020-themed virtual backgrounds for you to choose from, check them out!

Add a HiHello virtual background to your Zoom or Microsoft Teams call.
Choose from a variety of new virtual backgrounds for Zoom.

🔜 HiHello for Business 

We can’t give away *too* much yet, but after high demand we began working on a premium platform! If you want to get your entire team or company on board with digital business cards that have custom branding, admin control, and more, then check out our HiHello for Business offering.

HiHello for Business is coming soon! This will be a paid subscription plan.

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