Product Updates - July 2020

Learn about all the changes and new features that came to HiHello in July 2020, including a new card sharing experience, push notifications, and contact exporting improvements.

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Over the past month our team has focused on learning more about how you—our users—really feel about HiHello. We conducted surveys and interviews, and now we have a better understanding of what new features to prioritize and what we need to fix. We’ve taken everything to heart, and have already begun making exciting changes to HiHello! Here’s what we’ve worked on over the past month.

July 2020 Product Updates

Improved Card Sharing 🤩

We learned that our card sharing experience wasn’t always intuitive for the person receiving the card. Over the past couple of weeks we worked on simplifying the design, and it’s now live! Here’s how the new experience works:

  1. After someone scans your QR code, they’ll have the option to email or text your card to themselves so they’ll have a copy of it in their inbox, or they can download your card as a .vcf. 
  2. (Optional) They can send their information back to you.
  3. (Optional) They can download HiHello. 
Different steps of sharing and receiving a HiHello digital business card, from the receiver's point of view.
The new card sharing experience from the receiver's point of view.

Export Contacts to .CSV 📥

You can now export your contacts in both .vcf and .csv formats! Go to your HiHello Settings and scroll down to the bottom, and tap “Export contacts” and the files will be emailed to you.

Website Enhancements ✨

Did you know that you can access all your cards and contacts from the web? Log in to your HiHello account on our website to edit and share your business cards, and view your contacts. From the web app, you can easily share your cards to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, and email!

Push Notifications 🔔

We discovered that we need to do a better job at communicating new product updates. We recently began sending out periodic push notifications with new feature alerts, product updates, and occasional tips and tricks. You can turn on push notifications in your HiHello Settings.

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