Product Updates - November 2020

Learn about all the changes and new features that came to HiHello in November 2020, including an update log, the option to pause your digital business card, and a sneak peak into HiHello email signatures!

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Take networking to the next level with the new features that were introduced to HiHello last month. 

See the Latest Updates In the iOS App

Out of Office or simply taking a networking break? Tap the purple “Hi” icon in the top left corner of the screen to see the latest features you missed while you were unplugged!

See a log of the latest HiHello updates on the iOS app.

Add Zelle to Your Card

Mo money, mo problems? Not on our watch! Easily send your payment information to clients or customers with the new Zelle field. 

Add your Zelle to your digital business card.

Pause Your Card

We love that card links and QR codes never expire, but what if you wanted to temporarily turn off access to your business card? You can now pause your card, so while you can still view your business card, it will remain inaccessible to everyone else (until you turn your card back on). This feature is currently only available in the web app.

Pause your digital business card in the web app.

Custom Card Links and QR Codes

Attention, power networkers! All HiHello for Business customers can now customize the links for their cards and place a logo inside their QR codes. This feature is currently only available in the web app. 

If you’re interested in HiHello for Business, reach out to us!

HiHello for Business customers can customize the link to their virtual business card and their QR code.

Email Signatures (Coming Soon!)

Yes, you heard that right—soon you’ll be able to transform your digital business cards into stunning email signatures! Make sure to turn on push notifications in your HiHello app so you know when email signatures become available. This feature is currently only available in the web app.

HiHello email signature generator is coming soon.

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