Product Updates - October 2020

Learn about all the changes and new features that came to HiHello in October 2020, including new fields on your digital business cards, the ability to manually add a contact, tags and filters on Android, and more!

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Whether you're using iOS, Android, or the web app, there were plenty of new features that were added to HiHello in October! Here are a few of them:

Add new fields to your card

New fields are now available, including Calendly, Skype, Venmo, Nintendo Switch, and more! 

New fields like Calendly, Skype, and Venmo can now be added to your digital business cards.

Manually add contacts (iOS only)

To manually add a contact to your HiHello address book, go to your Contacts tab and tap the + button in the top right corner. 

Manually add a contact in your HiHello address book on iOS.

Create a Siri suggestion (iOS only)

To set up a Siri suggestion, double tap your card to pull up the send screen and tap “Add to Siri.” This will allow you to share your card using a Siri voice command.

Set up a Siri command to easily share your electronic business cards.

Android updates

  • Tags and filters - You can now add tags to contacts, and filter through your contacts.
  • Custom link names - When you edit your card, you can now customize the names of your links.
  • Share via text - You can now text your business card to anyone from within the HiHello app.

Tags and filters, custom link names, and send your digital business card via text are now available on Android.

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