Top 5 Features Added to HiHello in September 2021

Take your digital business cards to the next level with these five new features that HiHello released in September 2021.

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Over the past several months we’ve been hard at work making magic happen behind the scenes, and we’re excited to finally tell you about all the new features that are available on HiHello.

What's new: 5 features that were introduced to HiHello in September 2021

New and improved iOS and Android apps ⚡

Anyone notice a few subtle changes here and there? We updated our iOS and Android apps to provide a consistent experience across both platforms. (This will also help us add new features even faster in the future!) 

Example of a customer support digital business card on the updated HiHello mobile iOS app

Re-ordering of fields on your business card ↕️

You can now re-arrange the fields on your card! In Edit mode, tap and hold the icon of a field and drag and drop it into the order you want. 

Gif of re-ordering fields on HiHello digital visiting card

Add PDFs to your virtual cards 📋

HiHello Professional and HiHello Business users can now add PDFs to business cards! This feature is currently only available on the web app, but will be making its way to the mobile apps in the near future.

How to add a PDF to your digital business card

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View your networking and business card analytics📈

HiHello Professional and HiHello Business users can now track engagement with our new card analytics feature! On the web app, you can download a spreadsheet of your analytics and see stats like the number of times your card is viewed, how many times your card is saved, and how many new contacts you’ve added to your account.

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Additional CRM Integrations ↔️

In addition to Google and Outlook, HiHello Professional users can now integrate their accounts with Zapier! Zapier offers integrations for over 3,000 apps, so you’ll be able to integrate your HiHello account with any CRM that integrates with Zapier.

HiHello Business users—we heard you. We’re excited to announce that HiHello Business users can now integrate their accounts with Salesforce!

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