How to Sync HiHello with Salesforce

Syncing with Salesforce allows users to easily access their HiHello contacts across both platforms. Follow this guide to learn how to sync your HiHello Business or HiHello Enterprise account with Salesforce.

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HiHello supports syncing with Salesforce for all HiHello Business and HiHello Enterprise customers. This native integration allows users to add all their HiHello contacts to their Salesforce CRM.

Once you log into the HiHello web app, go to your Settings menu and complete the following steps to connect your HiHello account with Salesforce and sync your contacts.

Sync HiHello with Salesforce

1.  Under General Settings, click Integrations.

Under General Settings in the Settings menu click Integrations

2. Next to Salesforce, click Connect.

Under integrations click Connect next to Salesforce

3. Sign in to your Salesforce account.

Sign in to Salesforce

4. Click Allow.

Click Allow

5. Toggle which contacts you want to sync.

Within the Manage Integrations page, you can select syncing options on a card or template level, set new cards to sync contacts automatically, disconnect sync, and adjust how the contacts are imported - either as Contacts or Leads by selecting from the Options menu next to each card or template or the main dropdown to apply to all.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I sync with Salesforce, are all my HiHello contacts automatically synced over?

Once you grant HiHello access, you should see your Salesforce account listed under Sync Contacts. Each contact is associated with a specific business card, so you can choose which cards’ contacts you want to sync. 

How are contacts and leads assigned?

When you sync your account with Salesforce, your teams’ HiHello contacts are added to your Salesforce account. If an employee uses the same email address for HiHello and Salesforce, they will become the owner of the lead or contact. If the emails do not match, then the contact or lead owner is the person who initiated the Salesforce sync.

How do I stop syncing HiHello with Salesforce?

You can disable the sync at any time by clicking Stop Sync.

How do I get access to the Salesforce integration?

The native Salesforce integration is only available to HiHello Business and HiHello Enterprise customers. If you are interested in signing up for an account, please visit our Pricing page and select the plan that’s right for your business.

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