Are Business Cards Dead? 7 Reasons Why It’s Time to Go Digital

As paper card usage declines, digital business cards will emerge as the leader in global contact exchange.

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Paper business cards are dead. 

Business cards have been around for centuries, but paper business cards don’t have a place in a post-coronavirus world. Paper business cards are becoming increasingly obsolete, from sharing germs to the inaccessibility of always being in person.

What replaced business cards?

Human interactions are everything, and being able to meet and connect with new people is how we grow our personal and professional relationships. Business cards are the quickest and easiest way to share information, especially when you’re on the go. While paper business cards may be dead, they’ve paved the way for something new: digital business cards.

Two stacks of blank paper business cards

What are digital business cards?

Digital business cards are the electronic version of a paper business card. A few digital business card apps allow you to create and customize your cards and are often free to use. Digital business cards are more easily accessible and shareable than traditional paper cards and will soon become the go-to for exchanging contact information.

If you’re looking to try out digital cards, we recommend HiHello. HiHello is the leading business card app for individuals and teams and offers a free app and premium digital business card subscriptions. HiHello also encompasses several other networking features, like downloadable QR codes, email signatures, and virtual backgrounds for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

Why do I need a digital business card?

From sustainability to cost savings, there are several reasons why digital business cards are quickly replacing paper cards. Not convinced? Here are the top seven reasons digital business cards are the future of networking.

1. Digital business cards are germ-free.

For many people, the pandemic brought out their inner germaphobe. Digital cards are completely touch-free; no physical exchange is required. Exchanging digital business cards with someone diminishes germ exposure. (Even better, you don’t have to be near someone to share digital business cards.)

2. You can share digital cards with anyone, anywhere.

Previously, by exchanging business cards, you had to be physically present to share and receive cards. HiHello—the top-rated business card app—provides a seamless way to share contact information with anyone from a safe distance. With HiHello, you can create and send your digital card to anyone for free, even if they don’t have the app. (You can even share your business card over a Zoom call!)

3. Digital business cards are always up-to-date.

Every time you switch jobs, get a promotion or change your email address, you need to order new business cards. 

Save the money.

Often, digital business cards are free, and you can update your card on the go by going digital. You can also add richer information to your digital card than you could a paper one. Add a video, your social media profiles, birthdays, anniversaries, and more—your cards are completely customizable and can be edited at any time.

4. Digital cards are better for the planet.

Did you know that over seven million trees are cut down for paper business cards each year? And with 90% of paper business cards thrown away immediately, that’s a lot of wasted paper. Digital cards produce no waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

The environmental impact of business cards infographic

5. You can use your digital business card app to scan paper cards.

On the off-chance that someone does try to hand you a paper card, you don’t necessarily need to turn it down. A few business card apps double as a business card scanner, so politely ask the person to hold up their card and then use your phone to scan it.

While AI is great, it’s not foolproof. If you need a business card scanner with 100% accuracy, check out HiHello. Unlike other scanner apps, HiHello has a team of human-verifiers to ensure the information is correctly transcribed before it's added to your contacts.

6. HiHello’s digital business cards come with powerful networking features.

Digital business cards can do more than paper cards ever could. With a free HiHello digital business card subscription, you can use your card to make professional email signatures and create virtual backgrounds for Zoom. You can also download your card’s QR code and print it on any marketing or sales collateral.

7. Digital business cards are perfect for teams of all sizes.

Digital business cards take the hassle out of ordering new paper business cards every time an employee joins your team or anytime someone’s information changes. HiHello Business is a tool for groups of five or more people where you can centrally create, manage, and distribute digital business cards for your entire team. 

How do you make a digital business card?

Are you ready to make the switch to digital business cards? First, recycle your old business cards, and then get started with HiHello. Download the app and create an account on iOS, Android, or on the HiHello website. Next, add your contact information, save your card, and you’re ready to start sharing!

What do you think—are business cards dead? Let us know!

This article includes modifications and first appeared in the HiHello blog on June 8, 2020.

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