Business Card Requirements For Realtors: Everything You Need to Include

The complete guide to creating business cards as a realtor. Everything you need to include on your business cards.

As a realtor, your connections are an essential part of your business. Building your brand and leaving a lasting impression on potential clients is essential, and your business card is a powerful tool for creating those connections. 

Unfortunately, creating business cards as a realtor means adhering to specific requirements and ensuring professionalism, all while standing out. To help you navigate the business card creation process, we’ll cover everything you need to include on your cards. 

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What do I need to include on my real estate business card?

Whether you’re making traditional business cards or looking to create a modern digital business card, it’s important to include these three requirements: 

1. Your licensed name and your license number 

Communicating your legitimacy when communicating with potential customers is essential, and the best way to do that is by showing you are licensed. Always include your license number, and your full licensed name, even if you usually go by another nickname. 

2. Your license type 

Show your connections the type of real estate license you have. This could mean adding “Real Estate Broker” or “REALTOR” next to your license number, or if you have room, add a badge to include the proper logo. 

3. Brokerage name and business address

While not required in all states, you may need to include the name of your brokerage and a business address to follow state regulations. Even if you think you know the requirements for your state, it’s always a good idea to confirm them before sharing your cards with potential clients. 

Once you’ve got the required information on your business card, it’s time to consider what information and designs will capture the attention of your customers. From a photo to contact information and links to active listings, there’s no shortage of options when picking the right details. 

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There is, however, a shortage of space if you’re creating paper business cards. That is why so many realtors are choosing to create digital business cards. Learn everything realtors can do with digital business cards, everything they’re including on them, and how to create one for yourself in this guide to business cards for realtors

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