Beyond Networking: 18 Creative Ways to Use Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards are more than just a simple business card. Find 18 unique ways you should be using digital cards.

When you hear “digital business cards,” your first thought is likely a simple business card to hand out with your company contact information while business networking. But as business cards went digital, the ways we use them expanded, and now, they’re so much more than a basic networking tool. 

Since the first HiHello user created their first digital business card back in 2018, more than 16 million digital business cards have been shared—and many of those cards weren’t used as you might think. 

There are infinite ways to use HiHello’s digital business cards, and with HiHello’s Professional plan, you can create up to 16 cards. We waded through the endless list of ways to use digital business cards to share some of our favorites. Keep reading to find unique ways you can leverage your digital business cards: 

Everyday use cases for digital business cards

1. For your pet

Fit more information on your pet's collar with a QR code that links to your pet's digital business card. 

a business card for your pet

2. For your kids

Manage your children’s social life with a custom card just for them. Share it with other parents or teachers so they can have essential contact information that always stays up to date. 

create a business card for your kids

3. For making friends

Give new friends your personal contact details that won't appear on your professional card. From phone numbers to social media, share everything they need to get to know you. 

create a business cards for new friends

4. For post-grad

Finding that first job is tough. With 85% of jobs filled through networking, start your job search with a business card that will help you land a job. Include your resume, portfolio, and more. 

create a business card to support your post-grad job hunt

How to use digital business cards at events

5. Create scannable name tags

Print your custom QR code on name tags before your event to facilitate quick contact exchange with everyone you meet. 

Use your business card to create a content-rich name tag

6. Create an event card

Promote your event with a card that tells the receiver everything they need to know about attending your event. Your custom card makes event promotion simple, from the schedule and location to a link for purchasing tickets. 

use digital business cards to make a card for events

7. Create an interactive giveaway

Everyone loves winning, so why not host a giveaway to bring more awareness to your business? Create a card with giveaway details, and have entrants respond with their contact information to enter. Now everyone who entered is already organized in your address book

use business cards for a simple interactive giveaway

Ways digital business cards can benefit your company

8. To sell cars

Create a card for each car you have for sale. Include essential information like make and model and mileage, as well as a video walkthrough of the car, a link to the CarFax, and contact information for when they are ready to make their purchase. 

use business cards to sell cars

9. To meet the team

Improve your company's team page with digital business cards. For every employee spotlight, include a link to their digital business card so visitors can get in touch with the right members of your team and learn more about your company. 

10. To manage multiple locations

Don’t worry about managing business cards for multiple storefronts or locations. Create one master business card with links to other nearby locations to simplify sharing information for each location. 

manage business cards for multiple locations

11. To support your merger, acquisition, or rebranding

If your company is going through a merger, acquisition, or rebranding, updating business cards might be a low priority. Put digital business cards at the top of your list to promote a grassroots effort to promote the next step for your business. 

use business cards to support your merger and acquisition

12. To streamline communication 

You probably don’t want to give everyone you meet the same contact information. Some people might need access to your personal phone number, while others should be routed through your assistant. Create a card for every situation, so you’re only sharing the contact information they need. 

use digital business cards to streamline communication

13. To sell houses

Flyers get lost, and listings aren’t always easy to find. Share a digital business card for each available property instead. Not only can they find every detail they need, from images to links and videos, but you can also include contact information for when they’re ready to buy. 

use digital business cards to sell more houses

14. To manage properties 

If you’re a property manager with multiple properties, create a card for each location so you’re tenants can always find the right information for that specific property. Include contact details for maintenance, management, after-hours, and more. 

manage more properties with digital business cards

15. To grow your team

Create a landing page featuring recruiting staff's digital cards so candidates can interact directly, allowing them to ask questions about open opportunities near them. 

grow your team with business cards for recruiters

Unique use cases for digital business cards

16. Make dating more fun

Attending a speed dating event? Create a business card that shows more about who you are and how they can get in touch later. 

make dating more fun with digital business cards

17. Make pet adoption simple 

Create a card for every pet to show off their unique personality, and share any details about adopting them. 

create business cards for adoptable pets

18. Make your portfolio easy to share

Create a digital portfolio that isn’t confined by a website. Creating a digital business card portfolio offers unlimited opportunities for any information you want to share. 

use digital business cards to promote your portfolio

These are just a few of the creative ways we’ve seen HiHello used, but the sky is the limit. Do you have a fun or interesting way you’re using digital business cards? Share it on social media, and be sure to tag us

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