11 Reasons Why Digital Business Cards are the Smart Choice Over NFC Business Cards

When it comes to networking, HiHello’s digital business cards are the smart way to go. Not only are they more affordable, but they can also be shared with anyone, anywhere.

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Let’s face it—business cards are a hassle. They’re pricey, frustrating to keep up-to-date, and because of COVID19, they’re likely gathering dust in your desk drawer. As substitutes for physical business cards enter the market, there are two emerging trends: Near-Field Communication (NFC) business cards and digital business cards.

While similar in concept, several vital differences distinguish NFC-only business cards from digital business cards. With NFC business cards, you still need to purchase a physical card and carry it around with you. You also must be near the person with whom you’re sharing your card, which means no networking over Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams.

On the other hand, digital business card apps are often free. You never have to worry about forgetting your business card at home because as long as you have your phone, you’ll be able to send your business card to anyone, anywhere—no app required to receive.

If you want a digital business card that is NFC-compatible, HiHello—the top-rated digital business card app—supports NFC technology. With HiHello, you can turn your digital business card into an NFC business card at no additional cost, provided you have an NFC tag, allowing you to reap the benefits of both digital and NFC business cards.

Example of a smart digital business card.

Are all digital business card apps NFC compatible?

No, not all digital business cards are compatible with NFC technology. HiHello is NFC compatible, is free, and works with almost all NTAG215 NFC tags.

Why is HiHello the smart choice over NFC-only business cards?

HiHello’s digital business cards are the smart choice over NFC-only business card apps for several reasons, including (but not limited to) their affordability, shareability, and level of customization. 

Still not sure if you should go with a digital business card or an NFC-only provider? Here are 11 reasons why HiHello’s digital business cards are the way to go.

1. With NFC-only apps, you always have to carry around a physical business card with you.

Have you ever attempted to give your business card to someone, only to find you left your card at home? If you go with an NFC-only provider, you’ll always have to carry a physical card with you. 

One of the most significant advantages of digital business cards is that as long as you have your phone (or Apple Watch) on you, you’ll always have access to your virtual card. (And let’s be honest—when was the last time you left home without your phone?) Using the HiHello app, even if you forget your NFC tag at home, you can still access and share your digital business card.

2. There are several ways to share a digital business card.

While tap-and-go technology is convenient for in-person networking, it poses an immediate challenge if you’re networking from a distance, like over a Zoom call. 

Whether you’re right next to someone or hundreds of miles away, with HiHello, you can send your digital business card to anyone, even if they don’t have the app. Not only can you share your card via NFC, but you can share your business card using its unique QR code, email or text your card to someone, Airdrop your card, post the link to your card on your social channels, and more. You can also have Siri share your card, use the HiHello iOS widget (which places your QR code on your phone’s home screen), or send your card with the iMessage app.

You can share digital business cards using a QR code, email, text message, and more.

3. HiHello is more affordable than NFC-only business cards.

There are hidden costs with NFC-only business cards. Not only are you paying a premium for the card itself, but there are also shipping and handling fees. What happens when your information changes? You have to purchase an entirely new business card.

The HiHello app is free to download on the App Store and Google Play. HiHello doesn’t sell NFC tags, but you can purchase one for a fraction of the cost of NFC-only business cards on sites like Amazon and Etsy.

Once you have an NFC tag, you can use HiHello’s “Write to NFC” feature to add the link to your business card to that tag. Once you put the tag on the back of your mobile phone (or anything that’s attached to your phone, like a phone case or pop socket), you’ll be able to share your digital business card with a tap.

4. Digital business cards can be created and shared immediately.

If you purchase an NFC-only business card, you won’t be able to use it immediately—there will be some turnaround time (from days to over a week) until your NFC business card arrives in the mail.

HiHello’s digital business cards are available at a moment’s notice. Once you download the app, you can create and share your business card within minutes.

5. HiHello cards are more customizable than NFC-only business cards.

One of the great things about HiHello’s digital business cards is that they’re completely customizable, and you can add a wealth of information to your card. Not sure what to put on a business card? You can add a video to your business card, include your pronouns, show various links to your business(es), and you’ll never run out of space.

6. Digital business cards are easily editable.

When someone’s information changed, they had to order an entirely new stack of business cards in the past.

You can change the information on your HiHello digital business card at any time, and your NFC tag will always link to the latest version of your card. Earn a promotion? Open the HiHello app, edit your card, and add that new title! Get married and change your name? Edit your last name and add the Maiden Name field to your card. The HiHello iOS and Android apps allow you to change your card, wherever you are and whenever you want.

7. Digital business cards are more eco-friendly than NFC cards.

There is an unmistakable environmental cost with every type of physical business card (albeit NFC or otherwise). Not only is there waste from materials used to make the physical card itself, but there’s also the impact that shipping has on the environment.

Digital business cards are environmentally friendly—there’s no additional waste and no unnecessary fossil fuel usage. Even enterprise companies recognize this and are starting to move towards digital business cards for all their employees.

Digital business cards are eco-friendly

8. You’ll never lose or misplace your digital business card.

NFC business cards can easily be lost or misplaced, and when this happens, you’ll have to purchase another one and wait for it to arrive. Digital business cards are impossible to misplace. If you’re near a phone, tablet, or computer, you’ll always have access to your electronic card with HiHello.

Not all is lost if you use HiHello’s NFC feature and lose your NFC tag. Since your card lives on your mobile device, you can simply write it to a new tag without having to start from scratch.

9. HiHello gives you access to even more networking benefits.

As with physical business cards, the only benefit you get with an NFC-only business card is the actual card itself.

HiHello gives you access to even more features than simply the card itself. On HiHello, you can use your mobile business card to create virtual backgrounds for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet so you can easily share your card during any video call. If your business relies on email, you can utilize HiHello’s email signature feature, which uses your card to create a professional email signature that links back to your electronic card.

Digital business cards can be used with virtual backgrounds and email signatures.

10. You can make multiple business cards with HiHello.

Most business cards aren’t one-size-fits-all. You wouldn’t necessarily give your work card to a friend, and you wouldn’t share your personal card with someone at a networking event. With NFC-only business cards, you only have one card. (Unless you’re willing to purchase more and carry all your cards around with you all the time). With HiHello, you can make up to four unique digital business cards (you can make even more with a digital business card subscription), so you can have a card for each hat you wear.

11. HiHello is great for teams and companies of all sizes.

Up until recently, most companies gave their employees physical business cards. As more companies go remote in light of the coronavirus pandemic, the concept of a digital business card is gaining in popularity. Instead of purchasing physical business cards or an NFC card for each employee, you can sign up for an enterprise digital business card platform like HiHello Business and set up your entire team with virtual cards. You’ll never need to re-order new cards when someone’s title changes, you can see all of the contacts your team makes, and you receive access to all of the exciting networking features mentioned above.

How do I make a HiHello NFC business card?

Ready to create an NFC business card? Download the HiHello app on the App Store or Google Play, create a digital business card, and write your card to an NFC tag.

1. Open the HiHello app.

2. Tap the card you want to turn into an NFC business card.

3. Tap the three-bar menu.

4. Tap Write to NFC.

5. Scan your NFC tag.

How do I scan NFC business cards?

Once you’ve got your NFC business card all set up with HiHello, it’s time to start sharing it with others. For most devices, all you will need to do is tap the NFC tag on the device. If you are sharing with an Android device, ensure that NFC is enabled in the device settings.

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